Updated April 16, 2009
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Is He Nicer to His New Girlfriend?

My boyfriend Neglects me-but is it abuse.

Learning to Be Alone & Loving Yourself

Are you going crazy trying to "figure out" why he abuses?
Featured Link of the Month
He'll be different with you...because you're special! by Annesthesia.A hilarious article about the "new girlfriend" mentality....he'll be different with her, right? Because she's sooooo special.

The Guide
Emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence. It scars and bruises on the inside. It usually leads to physical/sexual abuse.
Heterosexual women are the most
common victims of Domestic Violence.
However, men, women, gay and straight can be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence.
The Basics
The Beginning
Early warning signs.

Find a Divorce Lawyer
by entering your zip code.
The Cycle
Recognize the phases.

Conditional Love
Why his "love" is not real.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder Support Group
If your ex had NPD, this is the group for you!
abuse, n 1: cruel or inhumane treatment 2:  rude expression intended to offend or hurt;  improper or excessive handling. v 1: treat badly; 2: change the inherent purpose or function of; 3: use foul or abusive language towards
A Look at Language
How he uses it destroy you.

The Abuser
Romeo's Bleeding:
When Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong -
by Roger Melton
Part 1 - Control

Part 2 - The Malice Artists

The Mirror Men

When Love is a Four-letter Word

The Clinging Apocalypse

Conclusion: Counter-control
The Abuser
His symptoms.
He says his Ex is Nuts,
She says he is Abusive.
What's going on here?

"Emotional Abuse is the repeated use of controlling and harmful behaviors by a partner to control a woman. As a result, a woman lives in fear and alters her thoughts, feelings and behaviors and denies her needs to prevent further abuse.--Cheryl Champagne

The Survivor
The Victim

Who is Abusing Who?
Am I an abuser? Or is he? Explaining the confusion.
Types of Psychopaths
The dirty dozen.
Is the Abuse My Fault?
Why you believe this and
the real reasons he abuses.

Characteristics of a Psychopathic Abuser
Can I Change Him?
Why you can't be his savior
and why you feel the temptation to try.
How to: Abusing For Dummies (humor) by Dr. Irene

How to Be Unhappy

How to be Angry Affirmations

The Healing
Click above for suggestions on books about emotional abuse from Amazon.com

Getting Out
When & how.
A Tale of Joe Smooth.
Can you Spot the Early Warning Signs?
by HBI
What the Police Can Do for You

A Letter to Men:

Please lend a hand in some way to help end the suffering of so many women and children in the United States. There are so many things men can do to stop the violence.

It could happen to your little girl, your sister, your niece, your aunt. Help make the world safer for the women you love. Act now.

Just read the statistics:
How to Protect Yourself & Your Family

Why were you a target?
Exploring responsibility
for who you let in your life.
8 Ways to Spot an Emotional
Manipulator by Fiona
Letting go Hurts
Mourning your abuser
once he's gone.

Are you Dating A Survivor?

Yeah, it's tough, for both of you.How you can help her heal.

The Emotional Blackmailer by Ria Keenan

The Patronizing Mind F*cker by HBI

Worms Crawl in, Worms Crawl out
(worms play pea knuckle on my snout)
In 1996, among all female murder victims in the U.S., 30% were slain by their husbands or boyfriends. In 1990, more than 800 women were killed by their husbands; 400 more were killed by their boyfriends. Emotional Abusers by HBI
If Your Worm Crawls Back
How you can handle it.
Temptation to Take Him Back
Understanding why you
feel this & why you
shouldn't do it.
On average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the United States every day.
I Took Him Back...again
Some reasons you may
keep getting sucked back in.
Click to Visit Men Stopping Violence.org
        Find out How You Can Help
        Make the World Safer For Her

Dating Again
The Ten Relationship Commandments
Thou shalt read this.
Mr. New Love Interest: Worm or Prince Charming?
About dating again.
It's Happening Again!
How to break the pattern
of dating abusers over &
and over again.
The Phenomenal Women Of The Web
Am I Ready to Date Again?
Questions to ask yourself.

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