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August 10th 2007 (Ryder)-- Texas Star Club, Dallas, texas

June 30th 2007 (Ryder)-- Gianniļæ½s Gourmet Pizzeria, Watauga, txas

June 9th 2007 (Ryder)-- Private Function, Highland Village Texas.

May 26th 2007 (Ryder)-- Private Function, Denton Texas.

April 14th 2007 (Black Sheep)-- Orileys. Dallas,Texas.
I'll be sitting in on a few songs with the amazing Black Sheep Band.

February 24th 2007 (Liquid Ivy)--McCarty's Restaurant & Tavern. Richardson,Texas.

February 23rd 2007 (Liquid Ivy)--Strokers Dallas. Dallas, Texas.

February 17th 2007(Liquid Ivy)--Hot shots sports bar. Lewisville,Texas

January 13th(Liquid Ivy)-- O'Rileys W/Major Issues, Car Tune, and a Van Halen tribute band. And Special guest Mike Rogger of 6 point hollow on bass.

January 6th 2007(Liquid Ivy)--Hot shots sports bar. Lewisville,Texas

December 29th (Liquid Ivy)--Rack Daddy's. Dallas, Texas

December 2nd (Ryder)-- Private Function

November 17th (Liquid Ivy)-- Rack Daddy's. Dallas, Texas.

November 11th (Liquid Ivy)--Rack Daddy's. Dallas, Texas

November 10th (Liquid Ivy)--Hot shots sports bar. Lewisville,Texas

October 7th and 8th (Ryder)--St. Elizabeth's fall festival. Keller,Texas.

October 7th (Liquid Ivy)--Rack Daddy's. Dallas,Texas.

October 6th (Liquid Ivy)--O'Rileys W/BLACK SHEEP and 6 POINT HOLLOW

September 29th (Liquid Ivy)-- Across the Street Bar

September 16th (Liquid Ivy)--Rack Daddys Dallas, Texas

September 9th (Ryder)--Acoustic set. Jack Rabbit Jamboree Azle,Texas

August 19th (Liquid Ivy)--Dreamworld Music Complex, Arlington Texas.
W/Major Issues and Zativah Kid

August 17th (Liquid Ivy)--Rack Daddy's Billiards and Bar. Dallas,Texas.

July 22nd (Liquid Ivy)-- Across the Street Bar. Dallas,Texas

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Oct.24th 2006
Holling at the Moon Tour of Texas
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