Website Idea - Moments to cherish

Summary - My mom Started her own business a few years back on etsy selling handcrafted wooden Christmas ornaments, stachus, key chains and more. I will be creating a website for her and her business as a new platform to promote and sell on. .

Content - All images and text will be provited by my mom from her old shop.

Competition - What Maline is selling is pretty unique but these websites have the same idea and have attributes I would like to use. The art of Jess Carp, Jess Karp sells her artwork on her website. It is simplistic with a black and whit color scheme to go with her colorful artwork displayed on it. it is split up into sections like prints, stickers and tote bags. Everything on the website has a picture of the product and a clear price beneath it. It has a three column layout with a horizontal menu at the top. The other website I like is hydroscape. They sell stickers for hydro flasks. They use a white, black, and light blue color scheme. I don't love the fors page. It starts out as a two column with pictures and text arranged in unique ways but then goes to a three column, it looks more neat and easier to read.

Purpose - The purpose of this site and what Maline is selling is to prompt cherishing and celebrating the simple moments of life. We want to help people keep their memories close to them well making new ones.

Desired Results - I plan to make a website that users can easily navigate and buy products as well as making it easy for the owner to sell on.

Target Audience - The target audience is world wide. Many newly weds like to buy stachus, family's love to get Christmas ornaments of and for loved ones, and pet owners love getting key chains of their animals.