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What (else) will you find here? Everything about me? Not likely. Not unless you're very good at reading between the lines. Like any mind, much of this web-page is beneath the surface--unconscious, if you will. What's here is multi-leveled, many-dimensioned, polychromatic. It's for you to sort out what's obvious or on the surface, what meanings might be behind the obvious and what, if anything, is just coincidence.

(Just as a starting point [just?], you might ask why there's a picture of Stonehenge here. For that matter--is it a picture of Stonehenge? Really? How do you know? Deep questions and shallow answers loom ....)

Back to the matter at hand. (Should that be 'the subject at hand'? Think about it.) Mapping a mind is a formidable task. Thankfully, it's not one I'm going to undertake. Like every other mind you've ever come across--even your own--you're going to have to manage with clues--some things explicit, some to be guessed or inferred, some perhaps deliberately hidden, perhaps even some whose absence is a clue.


For more clues ...

. . . to what I think and why, check out some of the links above. For a different sort of clue, check here. (You wouldn't want to be clueless, would you?) Or you could provide me with some clues by sending some e-mail ...

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