Car Photography
Bonneville Salt Flats Oct/91
W/Crab Rims Oct/2001 
  Lake Superior Duluth, MN.
This was my first Shelby. It's an 86 Charger Shelby.  I had from Dec/88 to July/07.  The red 89 TII Daytona Shelby was sold in Aug/07. I had it since 11/91
1989 Shelby Daytona TII
1968 AMX #5816  I've owned this since 1985
This was my first 1987 Shelby GLHS # 770. I sold this in Sept/99
These are a couple cars that belong to a good friend
This is Paul's 1983 Mercedes 380 SL
This is my 87 GLHS #784
I bought this in Feb/06
I did this before buying an extra set of rims for my GTC
Paul didn't see the humor as much as I did.
What do you think of the shops forklift?  Looks real.
My Fleet  from 2000 or 2001
Land Rover outing.  A friend was the president of this MN. club a few years back.  I'm zoomed in from a distance. The water crossing was huge.  This is one of my favorite photos.
That was one super fun weekend 
This water was cold.  Photo from 10/2/98.  Near Backus, MN.
By Bob Doherty
1990 Shelby Daytona.  I sold this in Oct/Nov 2005
1989 GTC TII one of 906 built
Paul's 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB. This is a fun car
Sept MNSDAC Meeting at Porkies.  This was convertible day.  I was driving my Shelby GLHS since I had problems getting my GTC finished in time.  We had a great turnout.
I used the computer to add Pumpers to these 3 vehicles
Colorado, Near Twin Lakes|| Reservoir
My 86 Shelby Charger
My Wifes
'94 Plymouth Sundance
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