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Sono stati rivelati i dettagli del nuovo dvd live degli Shadows Fall intitolato "The Art Of Touring (Drunk And Shitty In Every City)":

Main Feature: 
01 - "Introduction" 
02 - "Tell Us How You Really Feel" 
03 - "Thoughts Without Words" (Live) 
04 - "Destroyer Of Senses" (Live) 
05 - "The Idiot Box" (Live) 
06 - "Of One Blood" (Live) 
07 - "The First Noble Truth" (Live) 
08 - "Stepping Outside The Circle" (Live) 
09 - "A Fire In Babylon" (Live) 
10 - "Fleshold" (Live) 
11 - "Walk: A Tribute To Dimebag Darrell" (Live, Featuring Damageplan) 
12 - "Destruction On The Road!" 

Music Videos: 
13 - "Thoughts Without Words" 
14 - "Destroyer Of Senses" 
15 - "The Idiot Box" 
16 - "The Power Of I And I" 
17 - "What Drives The Weak" 
18 - "Inspiration On Demand" 

Bonus Feature: 
19 - "Live Wire" 
20 - "Teasn' Pleasen'" (Live, Featuring Jason McMaster) 

In aggiunta il dvd conterrà un cd bonus intitolato "Drawing Blood" con traccie e video di Diecast, Agents Of Man, Despised Icon e altri. "The Art Of Touring (Drunk And Shitty In Every City)" è previsto per il 15 Novembre su Century Media. 

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