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I Gamma Ray ringraziano il pubblico italiano presente il 3 ottobre al Rolling Stone di Milano per il concerto di supporto al nuovo album, "Majestic".

Queste le parole di Eero Kaukomies (tastierista turnista) estratte dal sito ufficiale della band:

"Milano turns out to be a bit disappointing, but only weather-vice the show itself is GREAT! We arrive in a cold and rainy city and are a bit disapointed since me, Daniel and Nikolas (a journalist who travels with us for a few shows) were dreaming of going to see some of the nice and historical town they have there. Also the great Duomo is worth of visiting. So, the block-heads we are, and after the breakfast we really go to town and have some real tourist round-tour and even climb to the roof of cathedral. Even though there is a little bit rain, there is no real problem with it and we fight our way through. After coming down from the roof, me and Nikolas go to see the inside of the church as well, while Daniel search a chemist to buy some glucose and magnesium which he really needs during the shows, while sweating so heavily. It’s like a marathon every night for him. You should see the amount of sweat in his clothes after every show! Then its time to get back to the venue for some sound-check and then we have a nice food delivered there by the promoter. Some nice pasta and beefsteak is what I go for. The show itself is really hot one thanks to the very enthusiastic audience. It really makes a huge difference to the band when audience participates like this. Thank you Milano, you really made it memorable".

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