Website Idea - I will make a website for CV

Summary - It will be website for making CV online.It will be like a Tempelate so that any person can edit info to make his/her CV.

Content - I will use sample text that can be about any person.For images and icons, I will use google image search and logo maker.

Competition - There are many freelancers and software companies which develops and designs website templates for CV from which few of them are listed below:
Online CV by Imkktheme (liked the image styling in this website).
Glitche by beshleyua (this website has glitche effect which makes it different from others but its color scheming is not so good)
CVIT by themelooks (this website looks very decent and professional by styling and color scheme but if it contained a slider then it could look more beautiful.

Purpose - The purpose of this website is to help people in making their CV such that they can present it online.

Desired Results - I would love this if a large number of users will use my website to showcase their CV online.

Target Audience - Most of the young people or any other person who needs to make his/her CV for applying on any job or interview will be considered as my target audience.