SECOND ARTILLERY. Company F, One Hundred and 12th
regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, or Second Pennsylvania
artillery, was organized in Danville, by Capt. William M. Mclure.
large portion of its members were of Danville and vicin
regiment served with much distinction and did much ha]
during the war.
 Among the Danville boys connected
company were:
Samuel Strawbridge,      lieutenant,
J.Moore Wilson,          lieutenant,
Edward Thatcher,         corporal,
Charles Mowrer,          corporal,
Elias KuIp,
John McMullen,
Phillip Manning,
Martin Mazael,

 John Laciscus, corporal, Charles Mattees,
 D. H. McCarty, corporal, John Marshall,
 Jonathan Bare, corporal, Clarence Price,
 Thomas Reichelderfer, bugler, George Robison,
 Robert Curry, I. S. Smith,
 Peter Cooper, Daniel Smith,
 John Farrell, James Weidel,
 J. Hendrickson, Richard W. Eggert,
 William R. Johnson, A. J. Grantz.

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