DANVILLE FENCIBLES.-ThiS company was organized in Danville,
in 1862, under command of Capt. Joseph E. Shreeve.  This com-
pany was in the bloody battle of Antietam and there it lost seven
killed, namely: J. M. Hassanpiug, D. Van Ronk, Jacob Long,
Daniel Klase, Samuel Hilner, Hiram Hummel and John Gibson.
Eighteen were wounded.  Among the latter were James Foster,
John Leighow, George Lovett, Charles Flick and D. R. Shutt.
The company roll as mustered into service was as follows, and it
attached to the One Hundred and Thirty-second regiment, Penn-
sylvania Volunteers:

Joseph E. Shreeve,              Captain
George W. Vangilder,            First Lieutenant
Charles N. Norns,               Second Lieutenant

Henry B. Adams,
Sylvester W. Arnwine,
Conrad L. Aten,
Arthur W. Beaver,
J.J. Bookmiller,
W.H. Carrell,
Isaac D. Crewit,
John M. Crist,
S.E. Cooper,
Franklin Divine,
Samuel V. Dye,
William Earp, junior,
James S. Easton,
Jacob Long,
George Lovett,
Samuel Lunger,
Thomas Maxwell,
Ieonard Mayer,
John McCoy,
William C. McCormick,
Jacob H. Miller,
Levi Miller,
Watkin Morgan,
Cornelius C. Moyer,
Jacob W. Moyer,
James McKee,