If you don't want to put holes in your house, or your window sash, but you have to get coaxial cables into your shack, here's one of my methods.
- If you cut the wood carefully, you won't need any additional weather stripping, or you may elect to under-cut the wood and add peen'n'stick foam weather strip to all 4 sides.
- I used double-male SO-239, threaded barrel connectors for the feed-thrus. You may add whatever you like, including threaded brass rod with wing nuts on both sides for ribbon or ladder line.
- Make the security stick a nice snug fit. I have one in each corner of the upper sash.
- I made an early version of this, when I was in an apartment, out of 1/8" thick aluminum. That method is called a "ground window" since all grounds terminated directly to it. In turn, the ground window was connected to the ground rods, outside, directly below the window.
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