Music Stuff

This page is a brief overview of my interest in music and stuff like that.

Physical Music Media

I really like the ability to have access to music, so physical media really appeals to me. Most of my physical music are vinyl records, though I do own some CDs as well. I have about 70 records, and about 15 CDs (as of time this page was last updated.)

My record player is a Fluance RT80. My CD player is a PlayStation 2 Slim (It's the only thing that would fit in the space I have). Both the record player and CD player are used with my Sony STR-DE597 Receiver. I also have a GPX PC101B Portable CD Player and one of those shitty suitcase record players.

It's not physical media really, but since I have no where else to put this, I also have a 64GB iPhone 8 with about 5500 songs downloaded on it, essentially making it an MP3 player.

If you'd like to view what kind of music is in my physical collection, I'd highly recommend looking at my Discogs Page if you have an account. Alternatively, I also have Spotify links to my CD Collection and my Vinyl Collection.

Spotify Stuff

Here are links to my Spotify playlists, which can give you a pretty good idea of what kind of music I like.

My Spotify Profile

721974 - Golden Age Rap and Chill Beat Stuff.
A Few Old Tunes - Old people music.
DNBJNA - Electronic music and heavy use of drums.
I Heard Drones - Ambience.
Mid-2000s Emo Kid Playlist - Mostly incative playlist.
On That DiscReplay Shit - Alt rock, indie rock, shoegaze, etc.
Some Kind Of Monster - Harder, metal sounding stuff.

The First Song From Every Album I've Listened To Artists/Bands I've Listened To All Albums Of

CD Collection
Vinyl Collection

Weezer Spotify stuff is on the Weezer page.