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 5G KPIs

  • Peak data rates : Downlink-20gbps, Uplink-10gbps
  • Peak spectral efficiency : Downlink-30 bits/sec/Hz. Uplink-15bits/sec/Hz
  • Data rate experience by user : Downlink-100 mbps, Uplink-50mbps
  • Area traffic capacity : Downlink-10Mbits/sec/m2 in indoor hotspots
  • latency (user plane) : 4ms for eMBB, 1ms for URLLC
  • Connection density : 1 * 106 devices/ Km2
  • Average spectral efficiency : indoor hotspot - DL:9/UL:6.75, dense urban - DL:7.8/UL:5.4, rural - DL:3.3/UL:1.6
  • Energy efficiency: efficient data transmission, low energy consumption
  • Reliability: More reliable
  • Mobility : Dense urban - upto 30 kmph, rural - upto 500 kmph
  • Mobility interruption time : 0ms
  • Bandwidth: at least 100 MHz, up to 1 GHz for operation in high-frequency bands i.e above 6GHz.

Source of 5G KPIs is TELCOMA




5G Disadvantages

5G is a type of wireless communication technology. It is meant to be the successor of the fourth generation of wireless technology, 4G. The main advantage of 5G is that it will provide faster data transfer rates than its predecessors. However, new technologies always bring some potential disadvantages as well. In the case of 5G, the biggest downside of this technology is that it will cause some health problems, as it uses higher frequencies than the previous wireless generations.