Links to Other Places

Here you have the obligatory links to other web pages. It seems that no web site is complete without one, so here it is. Without further ado, my web links, in no particular order or categorization.
Undersea Escape
The third incarnation of Krissy Tu's site, with a new, improved layout. I really ought to change my own site soon... =P
A friend's site, although I've kinda lost touch with her as of late...
Sarah's Room
A rather nicely done site by someone roughly my age… It's very informative, and very well laid out (unlike my own site =P)
An excellent site about “gender dysphoria, and all the complexities surrounding it.”
The Moir-Jessel Brain Sex Test (part of Jennifer Diane Reitz's site, Transsexuality)
A self-scoring test to help determine how male or female one's brain is. For those who are curious, my score came out to be 70 male/90 female, which is not surprisingly, feminine male/normal female. (The two numbers are because there are different scales for male and female.)
WebMD - Article on Gender Identity Disorder
An informative article on Gender Identity Disorder, also known as transsexualism, from WebMDSM
“Project: Transition”
Lara Blake’ page, describing her transition and the steps she is taking
Violet and Gold
Umm... uhh...
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