of course I will acknowledge you in society during the 2nd contract term as my 2nd spiritual friendship wife and we will attend social gatherings and you

may share you secrets with me.

of course a secret is not a secret if one of us tells a 3rd, correct?

by society not knowing of the extent of our intimacy your honor and dignity is protected.

socially, unfortunately, society looks down upon a woman if she knows her husband is sleeping with more than 1 woman therefore you should not

tell anyone about it. See stage 3 at


To society you and I will just be intimate non-sexual spiritual marriage friends. Behind closed doors what we do or don't do is no ones business.

I hope you reconsider and not to boast but I am confident that I can fulfill all of your emotional and sexual needs. If you find the case to be otherwise

you may get a full money back guarantee refund. :)

you wil indeed be acknowledged in society as a virtuous and honorable person during the 2nd contract of 66 years and I will seriously consider all the conditions that you propose for the contract.

the ball is in your court. you may do as you wish.




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Subject: RE: Proposal response and renegotiations (can't win them all)


salaam 'alaykum sister in faith,



you may waive the no-sex condition during the 1 year contract and/or the 66 year contract and my preference is that if you waive

that condition that no one know except you and I except with our mutual consent.

you may repropose the 2 contracts with your preferred conditions including food, shelter, clothing, medicine and inheritance or whatever else you may desire.

my friend, there are not enough muslim men to pair off 1 woman for 1 man. this is the reality. i know that this is hard for you and a big

sacrifice however to be married to a good man polygynously is better than to be married monogomously to a bad man or to not marry at all.

you do have biological and emotional needs. Being married raises your rank with God by 3500% and preserves 1/2 of your faith and many

of the traditions from the 12 Imams indicated that a person who leaves this world unmarried has a drastically reduced rank on the last day.

are you sure you won't die tomorrow an unmarried woman? all angles considered it is quite obvious that you should get married immediately

to a good man polygynously. I am not claiming to be a good man. You have 1 year to figure that out for yourself.

you may also put it as a condition that I must release you from the contract when and if you find a single believing man who you want to marry and who wants to marry you.

i do not require you to answer immediately. take your time and think about it and read the material involved very well.


last few chapters


 last few chapters

Your friend,



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Subject: Sample Reply to your Sample Proposal


Dear Abdullah,

I am flattered by your proposal, however as you may be aware, I have certain needs that will not be fulfilled by your non-sex secret marriage.

I need a husband who will satisfy me sexually. One with whom I can attend social functions, one whom I can call my own. One whom I can share my deepest darkest secrets without worrying whether he will tell his \'other\' wife or not.

Your proposal will only bind me. I would rather be single and free! I then do not have any obligations to a man who neither wants to acknowledge me in society nor fulfill my desires!!!!

Thanks but no thanks.


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Subject: Proposal


salaam 'alaykum,

Hope you and your family are fine.

My proposal is that we do a non-sexual mut'ah for 1 year, see


discreetly with no ones knowledge except me, you, Allah, the Imam of the time and preferably two

witnesses. The witnesses are for your own protection. I would prefer they be your from your

own family members or friends.

If after a year we find that you and I are compatible we will renew the 2nd contract publically

in the mosque with a 66 year and again non-sexual spiritual friendship marriage and again this is to protect your dignity and honor. You need not disclose to anybody the fact that you have waived the non-sex condition if you decide to waive it.

It is absolutely important that us "Shi'ah" remove the stigma of Mut'ah among our community.

We should not be ashamed of mut'ah at all absolutely. The reason the past Shi'ah kept this hidden

was not because they were ashamed but because of fear of their enemies (Taqiyyah). We live in a time

were Taqiyyah is no longer neccessary in most situations. We must break this stigma in order for our

religion to spread among the non-muslims and more importantly that we solve the problem of surplus women, widows and orphans in our community first.

we have pondered on the problem and solutions and we have come to the conclusion that the stigmatization of

polygyny is the cause of most human suffering.

you may accept or reject my proposal or repropose in a fashion which is agreeable to you.

thanks for your consideration.

may Allah give you the best of success in all your endeavours.


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