salaam 'alaykum,

read the above article.

it is very simple and this whole problem could have been avoided if people followed Shi'ah Islam.

you or one of your sons marry a woman from back home via a friendship spiritual non-sexual temporary marriage. See


stage 3.

you will treat her with more respect because she is technically a spouse. you will pay her and be able to trust her and she

will help out with the family household work and you can send her to college part time.

bring a mu'minah from a good family, preferabely a widow or an orphan.

you will have done a good deed, and got both worldly and hereafter benefits. you will help yourself as well as improve the life

of an orphan or widow.

of course you will have to register the marriage in the courts here so you can sponser her.



Even in the US in some states you can get your son married even as young as 14 with parental consent.


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