one more thing.  my 1st wife said she will probably never sleep with me ever

again if i marry a 2nd time and i don't care.  i don't care even if you

never sleep with me for the rest of my life.  i need you to be brave. 

non-sex will be a condition on the contract.  this is to protect you.

if you waive the condition i will never tell anyone nor will i ever

force you to waive it.  it is 100% up to you. 

i promise you if you ever find a single man to marry i will release you

from the marriage contract.  all these conditions will preserve your

dignity and honor and pave the way for others to follow suit.  don't

you understand yet?  


i love you as a person and want to part of your family.  all of our 12

imams did mut'ah, even prophet muhammad (sawa).

if we are ashamed of mut'ah we are not true shi'ah. we are fake shi'ah.

 in the past shi'ahs hid mut'ah not because they were ashamed but

becuase of fear of their enemies.  today we have no fear in the west. 

it is wajib on us to break this stigma.  you will get so much thawab. 

i will even give you a crown on your wedding night.  it will be public

with all the conditions that we agree upon.


Please consider it.  do istikhara if you want.  i need you.  please

don't let me down.  i miss you.  i want to see you.



--- Bahlool <[email protected]> wrote:




> salaam 'alaykum,


> Do you really think there is something wrong with me? lol


> Dear, this problem of surplus women in our community has been

> bothering

> me for years.  I have councelled so many couples who have divorced

> because hubby did mu'tah with a believing sister.  But what are these

> poor sisters to do when there are not enough good men around except

> openly be a 2nd wife?  Isn't it better to be married polygynously to

> a

> good man then monogomously to a bad man or not to be married at all?


> Please as a friend I ask you to look at my site and find any logical

> flaws.  Most are condemning me but no one has found a single flaw in

> my

> arguments.  What does that tell you?  


> We have 30,000 surplus women in the Khoja community worldwide most

> living secret lives doing mut'ah once in a while with selfish men and

> being taken advantage of and used just for their bodies.  Isn't it

> better to publically do mut'ah so mut'ah can not be abused with

> husbands whose wives do not mind?  My wife my 1st wife does not mind if I

> do

> mut'ah.  She wants me to do it.  Why?  Because she knows it is

> mustahabb and you beleiving sisters can not marry christians and you

> have needs too.  She said if she was a man she would do it too!


> Of course it was hard for her in the beginning but now she

> understands

> and is in favor of polygyny to solve the problem of surplus women,

> widows, orphans and poverty worldwide.  If less than 5% and that is

> 1/20 of our men married more than 1 the problem is solved!  Why are

> you

> against me for that?  I want you as my 2nd.  Is that a crime?

> Ibrahim had more than 1 wife and so did our Prophet and our 12 Imams.


> Polygyny is the solution.  Please call me any time so we can talk.


> If my 1st wife picks up say hi.  I am giving you my office number which is

> in the next room.  She hardly ever picks it up so don't worry.  if

> you

> have the guts call home and talk to her first.  She IS ok with it. 

> Is

> that so hard to believe?

> 123-456-7890 office

> 234-567-8901 home


> Your friend,


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