It is a duty upon the  mu'mineen to encourage the  'ulama to do this service.


Letter to Shaykh Hasan by a concerned believer.


You as an 'Alim are in the position as a herder and the community are like your sheep.


You must do you duty and take care of the widows, divorced and orphans.


I demand that you make a public announcement that if there are any women in the community looking for husbands and are willing to share

a husband with a willing married women say YES.


Then you filter out the needy spinsters from the unneedy.


You make an announcement that if there are any married women in the community who don't mind sharing a husband we have spinster

sisters willing to share if you are willing to share. some are wealthy and some are needy. By sharing a wealthy woman your ajr with Allah

will be less. By sharing a needy sister your ajr with Allah will be more.


Then you approach the spinster sisters. Introduce the families and let the spinsters choose which husband they like.


Then the selfish women will see the example of the great selfless women of the community and follow suit.


It is your responsibility as an 'Alim not optional.


Please forward this message to every 'Alim you know and tell every 'Alim to send that message to every 'Alim they know.


This problem can be solved in less then a week. It is very easy.

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