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pixel fonts:. Fun electronic gaming experience! :-)free pixel fonts for flash!
Yup, you've read it right, free pixel fonts for flash.

I love pixel fonts because they can pack so much information in a small space, and yet they can still be read. Pixel fonts do a great job of rendering your text in micro sizes -- which regular TrueType fonts can't do. Very useful not just for flash, but also graphics design. To get the free fonts, please click here.
:. More art stuff!  :-)presenting far sight!
Download the free beta of Far Sight Nonogram Puzzle, a Japanese Nonogram Puzzle with a Warcraft III feel (credits to Blizzard Entertainment). This nonogram game does not require an Internet connection to run, features randomly-generated puzzles, and most of all, no ad-ware! Send me email if you want to receive the free final version (my GeoCities ID is also my Yahoo ID).

But wait -- there's more! For avid players of NCBuy's Hangaroo who also plays Blizzard Games like Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft, download my Blizzard Games Hangaroo Phase Files 1.0 beta! Choose the phrase file matching the game and difficulty level you prefer. Send me email for feedback and if you want to receive updates (my GeoCities ID is also my Yahoo ID).
:. More art stuff!  :-)a home in deviantArt
It is my new home, especially for my artworks and journals. Check out my gallery! And read my first journal entry, to know more about why I designated it as a home.
:. More mobile fun!  :-)downloads are up!
Featuring my Pampanga Lantern wallpaper for your Windows Active Desktop, and more!
featured art: Water & Light
:. Enjoy great artistic things!  :-)^ Water & Light. Inspired by Solitaire and Minesweeper. (Read: Killing time.)
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:. UST CSGC 1998-1999 UST CSGC 1998-1999
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past games & applications written
:. More great stuff on computing! :-) It all started with the Game & Watch. Then I wanted to create software.
[1998] MusikA for Windows
[1993] MusikA for DOS
[1993] MusikA for DOS
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