Welcome to our home school page.  These are my five students, although the youngest seems to learn more than the rest of us!:)  She had to learn to walk this year, now she's practicing learning to talk!
I decided to start this page for two reasons, so our friends and family *back home* could see what we're up to, and also to let others interested in the Charlotte Mason methods of homeschooling could "watch" as we learn about her methods ourselves and see how we personally implement her ideas into our lifestyle and our school day.  I do not even begin to claim to be a CM *purist* as I am still learning myself ~ but this is just our way of gradually learning more about CM ideas.

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I first heard of Charlotte Mason through a woman I met on a local homeschooling list.  She sent me some links and I was hooked almost immediately.  I loved her ideas about using whole, living books to learn about subjects.  I loved the thought of finding interesting books on normally *boring* subjects and helping my children to develop a real love for learning about them.  I loved the idea of being able to read to the kids ~ especially since I have three kids so close in age, I can read to them all at the same time... all while nursing my baby!  It worked soooo much better than trying to do three different levels of zillions of worksheets for every subject!  Anyway, as I am quite new to this myself, I will let you in on my sources...

This is a very in depth and well organized site on Charlotte Mason...
A Charlotte Mason Education

A great site to check out for ideas to use as far as books, schedules, etc.
Ambleside Online

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(that is just great for getting you questions about CM methods and the Ambleside curriculum answered)
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