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I don't have many CDs right now.I'll put more songs when i get new CDs.
Attention: Abuse and copying of my songs are not big deal. Do whatever u like

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It willl make buffering faster. But don't do it more than 3 clicks at a time.
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The Ants (14 songs )

Alex (10 songs )

A Nge (11 songs )

Chit Kaung (9 songs )

Htoo Ain Tin (13 songs )

Khaing Htoo (9 songs )

Sai Htee Sai (8 songs )

Soe Paing (5 songs )

Waing Wine(11 songs )

Zaw Win Htut (13 songs )

Real Audio Collection( 200+ songs )

English Songs Selection ( Cool )

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