Woops! In Ter Rest Sa Ting about me ? :P
Sometimes, my friends call me Ka Larr
yeh! i'm a Bangladesh descendant.

I grew up in Moe Gaung Kachin State (where everything is the best)
I moved to Yangon in 7 grade.And went to D1 the greatest. I mean the greatest Dagon 1;))

If I have to tell about me, it won't be complete without mention about my friends. We love Soccer. love Card games. love Cute Girls. love Myanmar Beer. love Marlboro. love Kya Saint Tea. love Ngway Taung . love to listen Alternative Music at Cafe. We always hang out at cafe. To be exact, at Hot-Shot Cafe from 7pm to 10 pm everynight.We all are totally same type
There was no single day passed in that we guys didn't do a bad thing :P

Hay... I just got an email that ask many questions about one's life. And i answered it and put it here. I think it tells many things about me :)
Self Portrait Painting
Ko Daing Yayy Poan Tu
Believe it or not. I did this painting :P

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