A new style draughts game with simple rules and very manifold combination to play.
The game consists of:
a game board with 9x9 points,
34 blue and 34 brown crystals.
If you want, you can use other set of pieces.

One player use blue crystals,
other player use brown crystals.

In the beginning the board is empty.
The blue player starts the game.

There are two different types of moving:  

(1) At first you may replace one of your crystals
neighbouring empty point
(see picture left).

After that you must put one new your crystal
any empty point.

(2) If it is possible, you  must  take opponent's crystals by jumping over them
one your crystal.
Jumping is possible over horizontal or vertical lines of opponent's crystals.
You must jump until it is possible.
But it is
prohibited to jump over lines with  two  opponent's crystals.
After each jump you must take away jumped opponent's crystals.

If you took
the same number of crystals like just now opponent took,
you must give back these crystals to your opponent.
If you have choice, you can freely choose best taking variant.

The game is over when one of the players cannot make any legal move.
Each player gets one point for each captured opponent's crystal
plus one point for each opponent's crystal on the border of the board (on red line).
The winner is who
got more points.


Author of the game:
Alvydas Jakeliunas

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