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  Welcome to all NUS Alumni and Friends !

NUS Alumni residing or working in Hong Kong are invited to our alumni group. As a non-profit group, we aim to foster a close relationship between alumni and the university, and provide a platform for graduates from different batches to network with one another.

Our Background

On 6th June 2002, Professor Teo visited Hong Kong and spent a memorable dinner with our Alumni group in a local Chinese restaurant. In the gathering, we talked about how our NUS alumni met up with each other and the story dated back to about a year ago…. At that time, Miss Peggy U was the contact person of the Hong Kong Alumni group and her email address was listed in the NUS Alumnus magazine. A few of us communicated with Peggy through emails and it was by this way that we were linked up together. In the first meeting, we had a group of around 10 persons. Some are returning Hong Kongers and some are Mainland Chinese and Singaporeans currently working in Hong Kong. Thanks to the group’s personal networks, more NUS alumni became aware of our group and joined in our family. To our surprise, some of them are even the early batches of Hong Kong students who were sent to junior college in Singapore on scholarship! Up to today, our database has around 30 persons graduated from different batches, with the oldest batches graduated in the 1980s and latest in year 2001. On 11th May 2002, we held a special dinner to celebrate as it was the date when the first batch of scholars went to Singapore to study 21 years ago. Some alumni have left Singapore quite some time ago and some have just come back to Hong Kong. Yet all of us still have the affiliation with NUS, our Alma Mater.

As Professor Teo told us, NUS would strive to become a world class University and overseas Alumni Group would play a vital role in achieving this goal. In the coming year, we will try to contribute by linking up more graduates who worked or resided in here and helping NUS exchange students in setting down in the new environment.

Our Organization

Our group is an informal and not-for-profit organization. Since there is no formal registration and no running office, we do not charge any fee for our group members. In addition, events and activities are organized on a cost-per-person basis. 

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