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It must be read, understood, and agreed to and by all who enter this site. I understand that the web site to which I am about to enter contains explicit content, including art and photography of and related to SEX, including sexual interactions of ALULA with their partners. The full range of activities engaged in by ALULA and their partners are depicted on this site. This site is only open to individuals residing in communities in which the local community standards would not find the pictures and or contend depicted within it to be "obscene". The words obscene and local community standards have precise legal definitions and if you are in any way unfamiliar with what is meant by those terms, you should consult an attorney prior to entering this sight. Failure to do so could subject you to prosecution for bringing obscene material into your statein violation of federal law, and possibly your own state. My giving you permission to view this site and the materials contained within is expressly conditioned upon your certifying that you have read and understand the meaning of the above disclaimer and that after consultation with an attorney, you believe that images you will be viewing are not "obscene" under the established legal meaning of that term.


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