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Alobijod Cove Beach Resort

Be close to nature, the blue seas and open skies.

Alobijod Cove, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, Philippines

Phones #63,, #63,

Owned and operated by Alubihod Development & Holding Co.

Welcome to Alobijod Cove Beach Resort webpage.
Alubihod Beach is located in the island province of Guimaras in the central part of the Philippines referred to as the Visayan Islands. Guimaras' claim to fame is that is was General Douglas MacArthur's first military assignment after graduation from West Point. The wharf that he had constructed in the early 20th century located in the town of Buenavista is still very much in use.

Guimaras also produces the best variety of carabao mangoes in the world, a known and accepted fact. Mango harvest season usually begins February and tapers off around June which coincides with the peak tourist season. Some mango trees bear fruits later, and provides second mango harvest season around October to late November.
Alubihod Beach is the anti- Boracay, the alternate to the crowded beaches of Booracay. The resorts is primarily family oriented. Just wholesome fun for lovers, student groups, seminars, receptions or social gatherings. There is not a lot of nightlife, but some people prefer it that way anyway. Away from the maddening crowd.

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