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This page is dedicated to those of you who enter the Gymkhana.  Do you want to see something here?  Hartshill Riding Club  The first show of the year got off to a cracking start with loads of great competition and many new members.  We hope you liked it so much that you will continue to return for each and every show. 


Held each show.  Day trophy awarded to each class winner.  Starts at 2.00 p.m.

Age Groups for Gymkhana

Entry Fee: �3.50.  Held each show. Day Trophy awarded to each class winner.

Lead rein Under 5 on 1.1.2001
Lead rein Under 8 on 1.1.2001
Junior Under 13 on 1.1.2001
Senior Over 13 on 1.1.2001

5 races to be chosen on the day according to weather and ground conditions.

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