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My name is Darren, I am from Leeds in West Yorkshire and am married with three daughters. I am the son of Alastair, and for most of my working life I have been greeted as "Al's lad"

I started joining paid survey panels in February 2006, and after several months, I now think it is time to impart some of my experience upon the wider world!  My first words of advice would be
not to expect to give up your day job in favour of being a full time survey buff. You can however, offset some of the cost of your internet connection - in my case, it has made the transition from dialup to broadband a little easier on the wallet.   You also get to find out some interesting facts.  I've previewed a couple of TV shows which are only just being screened now.

Below are my top 5 sites, which  I have received surveys from (and have been a member of for at least six months), along with my opinion of each. 

Survey Name / Reward Description Minimum Payout Earning Potential Rating
Ciao UK  (Cash)

Community style website for consumers.  Not only can you earn cash for participating in surveys, you can publish reviews, which will earn you money if rated helpful or higher by other members.  A user portal allows you to track your earnings month by month.  Surveys seem to come more frequently if you are an “active” user, ie, writing reviews and rating other people’s. I review in Ciao under the name Alslad36

£5 Very Good ££££
YouGov (Cash/Prizes)

Major public opinion survey organisation used by government and the media.  Usually send out between 2 and 10 surveys a month, paying anything from 50p upwards. This site is worth subscribing too if you don’t mind waiting for your balance to reach the minimum.  It would have gained another point rating if the redemption balance was lower

£50 Good £££
Valued Opinions  (Vouchers) Not just online surveys for this company.  Telephone surveys and focus groups pay much higher.  Although redemptions are in the form of vouchers, they are for recognised high street names (Tesco, HMV, M&S, Argos, WH Smith, Kingfisher -B&Q, Comet etc.., Boots and for various charities too. £5 (£10 for Tesco) Very Good ££££
Test & Vote  (Vouchers/Prizes) Part of a French market research organisation called ToLuna.  You earn points for various transactions, including surveys, product tests and quick polls.  Points can be exchanged for vouchers (HMV or Pixmania), Ipoints or prize draw entries.  Invitations to surveys are infrequent, but regular points are available via alternative transactions, and surveys reward well when they come.. £10 Fair £££
Global Test Market  (Cash)

Regular invitations to surveys, though a high proportion are screened out after a few questions.  You do, however get a token amount of “market points” for your trouble if not selected to complete.

£20 Good ££££
These reviews reflect my personal experience of the sites/companies.  The page is for general information and to assist those who may normally be duped into paying a subscription to receive similar information.  A review of more sites can be found  onthe surveys page of  my  family website   

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