Case 1--- A Scenario in Writer's Primary School

1. Background Information

Alan (a P.4 student) always got poor scores in English dictations. (He did not have any problems in other subjects, including the Chinese dictations.) He tried his best to study hard, however, his results were either failed or marginal pass. He felt upset and inferior because no one could help him. He thought that his English teacher, Miss. Chan, did not care him. She often scolded at him in class, "You're too lazy, Alan." "Look at other classmates' scores, they can get 100 marks. Why don't you learn from them?"

One day, Alan found that there would be 2 more dictations before the 1st school term ends. When he calculated the average score of his English dictation for the school term, it was fail. Thus, he decided to ignore the dictations in the coming English dictation lessons.

2. Incident

Miss. Chan noticed that Alan did not write anything on his dictation book. He placed his head onto his desk, trying to ignore Miss. Chan in class. She came near to his desk and locked on it or several times until Alan woke up. Here were the conversations:

Miss. Chan: What are you doing? Are you sleeping in class, lazy Alan?

Alan: Yes, you always think I am lazy, don't you? I think I don't need to have English dictations any more.

Miss. Chan: (Feeling ridiculous and angry) What? You don't want to have any English dictations! Do you know the average scores of your dictation will be counted in your mid-term examination?

Alan: I knew it would. However, even though I can pass in the coming dictations, my average scores will be the same--- fail. So, what's the meaning of sitting here and having those nonsense dictations? I'd rather taking a rest!

Miss. Chan: You, lazy boy! That means you disobey my order, am I right? Come out, I must get you to the Discipline Committee at once.

3. Consequence

Since the whole class saw the incident occurred, students are afraid of talking to Miss. Chan, fearing that she will easily get angry and scold at them loudly. Moreover, the relationship between Miss. Chan and Alan can never established as Alan will not forget what Miss. Chan did on him.

Case 2 ---Adopted from Interviewing an In-service Teacher

1. Background Information

Bobby is a P.4 student who always seeks extra attention in class. His class teacher (Miss. Jim) said he misbehaved when there was spare time in lessons for him to do so. His teacher added that he behaved like that because he wanted to seek extra attention from his peers and teachers. He wanted to be famous in the class, too. That was why he tried to perform some misbehaviour that was inappropriate in class.

2. The Incident

During an art lesson, his class teacher, Miss. Jim told the whole class to start doing their group project in the art room. Without getting the permission from Miss. Jim, Bobby left his seat and went to sharpen his colour pencils. Each time he finishes sharpening, he put the pencils inside again until they became stubs. When Miss. Jim saw Bobby, she said to him,

Miss Jim: (yelled to Bobby) Sit down, we're trying to work here and you're not supposed to be out of your desk.
Bobby: (announced to the whole class loudly) I'm just trying to sharpen my pencils. Is that a crime? Excuse me for living!

Miss Jim walked to Bobby and whispered quietly, telling him his group members need his help to finish the project. However, Bobby reluctantly rejoined his group and suddenly drew something on the group worksheet. His group members looked at him angrily and reported to Miss Jim. She gave them another blank group worksheet and told Bobby to say sorry to them and then come out. They both left the art room and had a talk.

3. Consequence

Miss Jim set a scheme for Bobby: if he reduces his misbehaviour and does more appropriate behaviour, prizes would be given to him. However, Miss. Jim did not give some clear examples for Bobby to follow. Hence, after a long period of time, the scheme was no longer effective to Bobby.


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