A  l  q  u  i  m  i  a
Beijing - Shanghai - Tianjin
B  r  a  z  i  l  i  a  n    J  a  z  z    G  r  o  u  p
Alquimia, an exciting Jazz-Brazilian group on the Beijing Jazz scene, performs Jazz and the music of Brazil: Samba, Bossa-Nova, Choro and Music Popularia Brasilia. Unique among music groups in Beijing, Alquimia is the only music group performing authentic repertoire from Brazil. Fronted by Brazilian singer Lucio Geraldo, the group brings the true sounds of Brazil to Beijing's music venues.
Alquimia performs in Beijing at CD Jazz Club, Stone Boat Cafe, Block 8, Roadhouse Grille, Kokomo, various Embassy events (e.g. Brazilian and Italian) and engagements in Shanghai and Tianjin.

Sound Clips    

consolacao                   carta ao tom 74  
garota de ipanema      one more daylight

Geraldo Lucio      Jeff Roberts
For bookings, please contact:
Name: Jeff Roberts
Geraldo Lucio
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
159 1081 2371
135 2038 4589
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