Rent  Room Havana
If you want to rent a private house in Havana. Exactly in the heart of  Havana.  Enjoy living in Cuba. Particular house give you a best comfort, bed & breakfast, cheaper prices and excelent accommodation. You can rent one room or whole house.
Characteristics of the apartments ( 25$ CUC per day, longer to 20 day is cheaper)
- One bedroom (air conditioning , bathroom inside )
  - Two bedrooms(share the bathroom and one have air conditioning )
  - Living room
  - Balcony where you can see the sea
  - Kitchen and dining room
The bathrooms have warm and cold water and the 3 bedrooms have a totaly privacy.

Campanario #212 %Concordia y Virtudes. Havana Center

Services offers
  - Breakfasts
- Meals about 6$ or 10$

Contact Us
: [email protected]
We answer you on less 24 hours.
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...Rent a room in Havana Center. Rent a private room in Havana Center. Rent a private house in Havana Center...
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