About Me
I'm jaya N Bhandari  Working as trekking  and mountain tour Guide throughout the country  since more than Decads.. having lisence from government& lots of experiences in my professional field. trained in trekking and touring in mountain , eco- tourism,  impact of tourism in socity, trekking peak climbing just for experiences. reiki master healer Yoga and nature cure ,. first aid about the mountainsickness and etc

If you are travelling  in nepal to enjoy your trip please come on  to experience yourself and nepal it's won world .
and  acept the help for  organizing  your  programs as you want to enjoy trekking, seightseeing, jungle safari, rafting, birdwatching, pscho- spritual tour(Reiki, &Yoga tourin certain distinct areas and holipilgrimages
please be free for information in detail.
[email protected]
About me
Trekking &mountain tour
climbing & Expedition
Psychic(Yoga &Reiki)Tour
Name: Jaya N Bhandari
Mountainflight,Ticketing&HotelResorvatin [email protected]
White Rafting &Jungle Safari
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