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Inglewood Public Library
101 W. Manchester
Inglewood, CA

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Group Sessions or 1-On-1 Tutoring
About Us:
We offer daily tutoring for Homework Help at our Tutoring Site in Inglewood's Public Library from 3pm-6pm M-Th, Fridays are optional and are utilized only to review the skills learned that week.
Transportation is provided to the Center at additional charges, depending on the proximity of the child's school/home to the library.

In-home sessions are provided on an hourly basis with a 15-minute break for every hour tutored.

Guaranteed grade improvement or 1 month free services.

We provide a noiseless environment conducive to studying and a ratio of no more than 10:1. A half hour break is given, snacks are suggested for this allotment.
Determination & Perseverance
Daily Tutoring - $60/week
Weekly Rate must be provided in advance whether or not child is expected to miss any days
Private In-Home - $25/hr
2 Hours (suggested) - $40
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