If you are a full
time student (taking a schedule of atleast 12 credits)*
*Have a minimum GPA of 2.5*

Then you are eligible for Binghamton Rush Spring 2005

The sisters of Alpha Phi would like to encourage all eligible students to participate in formal rush.  It is an excellent time to get to know Binghamton University and meet new genuine and enthusiastic young women.  Rush is an exciting experience... so come down and join the fun!!!

The Eta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi here at Binghamton has been standing strong year after year.... Our strong bonds have kept us together as an amazing sisterhood...if you want to join this sisterhood of honesty, loyalty, and of course fun....Alpha Phi is where you want to be......
First Round:
February 2, 2005
Meet in the Old Union.. Time.. TBA

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