Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University on September 18, 1872.  We celebrate founders day on October 10, once all colleges are back in session.  Binghamton University is the Eta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi. 

*Symbol - Ivy Leaf
*Mascot - Phi Bear, adopted in 1874, named after the Ursa Major...
                The Great Bear
*Flowers - Forget-Me-Not and Lily of the Valley
*Original Colors - Blue and Gold
*Present Colors - Silver and Bordeaux, changed in 1879 to make
                           them more distinctive
*Philanthropy - Cardiac Aid
*Jewel - Ruby
*Magazine - Alpha Phi Quarterly, started in July of 1888

Our Founding Sisters Include:
*Martha Foote Crow
*Rena Michaels Atchison
*Jane Sara Higham
*Florence Chidester Lukens
*Ida Gilbert Houghton
*Clara Bradley Burdette
*Clara Sittser Williams
*Kate Hogoboom Gilbert
*Louise Shepard Hancock
*Elizabeth Grace Hubbel Shultz

Purpose of Alpha Phi:
The purpose of this chapter is the promotion of growth in character, of unity of feeling, of sisterly affection and of social communion amoung its members.  We are thus united under a solemn pledge to lend a helping hand to one another.

Alpha Phi Pledge:
I pledge allegiance to Alpha Phi, who had chosen me to uphold her high ideals of womanhood, of scholarship, and of service, and to perpetuate her spirit of sisterly love and kindness.  ~Genevra Gwynn Wiley, Alpha 1892

Alpha Phi Creed:
I believe in my fraternity
I believe in the friendships formed in the springtime of my youth
I believe in its high ideals which lift me up beyond myself
I believe in its earnest drive for good scholarship, moral character,
             and genuine culture
I believe in it as a shrine of international sisterhood wherein I may
             found love, loyalty, sympathy, inspiration, and opportunity
I believe in it as a creator of good citizenship, helping me to do my
             work well, to live in harmony with the world, and to serve
             my country, and to trust in God
I believe in my fraternity
I believe in Alpha Phi

The Syracuse Triad distinguishes the three fraternities at Syracuse University: Alpha Phi - 1872, Gamma Phi Beta - 1874, and Alpha Gamma Delta - 1904.  Alpha Phi was the first woman's fraternity to use Greek letters as its emblem.  In New York State, Alpha Phi could not be incorporated under a greek name.  The chapter applied under the name of Michaelenian Society in honor of its first president, Rena Michaels.  Dr. Wesley Coddington was the founding chapter's first advisor; he helped them write their constitution and motto.  He also encouraged them to build the first sorority house in America.  The Alpha Phi crest was adopted by convention in 1922.  It consists of a bordeaux shield with a scroll and ivy leaf above it.  On the scroll, our public motto, "Union, hand in hand," is inscribed in silver greek letters.  The letters "AOE" are inscribed in the center of the scroll.  The sheild is crossed diagonally from left to right with a silver bar.  The upper half has a roman lamp in silver and the lower half contains the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) in silver.  The active sister pin is gold.  It is an Alpha superimposed on a Phi, with the greek letter AOE inscribed on it in black.  The new member pin is a silver ivy leaf with the words Alpha Phi inscribed on it. 

Double Responsibility:
Individual: to uphold the ideals and principles of Alpha Phi through thoughts, deeds, and words.  One should work hard to make Alpha Phi strong so that it has more to offer in the future. 
Group: to further the aims of the fraternity as a whole.

Purposes of Pledgeship:
*Introduce the pledge of Alpha Phi through history
*Integrates a pledge into a sister through education about chapter operations
*To get to know pledge sisters and other sisters through social functions
*To teach unity, responsiblity, cooperation, and friendship

Double Honor:
"It gives me great honor to pin upon you this symbol of our beloved fraternity thereby confirming a double honor; upon you in becoming one of us and upon us in receiving you.
~said by the president during the pledge ceremony

Eta Zeta History:
Alpha Phi at Binghamton University started as a local sorority called Theta Gamma Pi.  It was formally granted its charter on March 25, 1985.  There were fourteen founding sisters:

*Sheila Byrne
*Lisa Contrera
*Susan Costomeris
*Fran Goldberg
*Susan Goldstein       
*Lynda Markoe
*Amy Matza
*Patty Monroe
*Leslie Pisani
*Lisa Robinowitz        
*Judy Reilly
*Marlene Reese
*Kris Rocco
*Liora Rosen

The founding sisters choose three virtues which best described their purpose: tharros - courage, gnosis - knowledge, pantahothen - diversity.  Their colors were royal blue and silver.  They had three pledge classes -  the betas, gammas, and deltas.  In Spring 1987, the sisters of Theta Gamma Pi were visited by Lori Vanderleest, a field representative for Alpha Phi International.  The sisters of Theta Gamma Pi decided to become part of Alpha Phi.  On April 1, 1987, Theta Gamma Pi officially became a colony of Alpha Phi.  On Novermber 7, 1987, the sixty-six member of Alpha Phi Colony were installed into the sisterhood of Alpha Phi International Fraternity Incorporated.  The chapter was given the name Eta Zeta (HZ).  The reception was held at the Holiday Inn.

Currently, Alpha Phi holds the largest sorority on the Binghamton campus with a roster of 76 girls... Our organization is continuing to grow year after year..............

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