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Alpha Gamma Chi Fraternity of Southern Connecticut State College.  Founded 1962. 

While taking a "Road Trip" on the information Highway  the I was unable to find any thing about Alpha on the web.  There are several other groups with the same name.  But Alpha Gamma Chi of SCSC was nowhere to be found.  So I started a web site for us.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the page.  Or how much time I'll spent on it.  I thought it might be a place where we can find old friends and remember some old times.  Check it out! I've started a photo gallery, so send some of the old pictures. Please, none of Farmer from the Toga Party. There may be kids looking. Leave me a message and I'll share it if you like.
I heard from Brother Bill Heffernan "Wizard" From Pledge Class 39. He gave me some updated brother lists that he and Ray Muszynski put together, I'll be adding them to the list found here.. Thanks Bill! It is great hearing from you all. Now that I know there is so much interest, I'll update more. Use the message board and I'll keep it more up to date.


Quotes from Pledge Manual for Pledge Classes 17 & 19

Alpha Gamma Chi was begun in 1962 by a group of 15 friends. It aims to develop leadership promote fellowship & provide service to the school and to the community and to encourage school spirit by participation in school functions. Individuality is Alpha's trademark.  We believe that one should not lose his identity in the Fraternity and by doing his thing he becomes a vital brother.


Name: Frank Roberts - Pledge Class 17
Email: [email protected]

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