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This page was created and is maintained by Tekkaman Shard.

Now, Just what is Tekkaman Blade 2, you ask?           
Tekkaman Blade 2 is a 6 episode Original Animated Video (OAV) 
that was released in 1998 by Urban-Vision Entertainment        
In the Global Year 192, the people of earth were savagely 
attacked by an alien race called the Radam.  
The Radam's invasion of earth was to capture and modify the 
human population into a vast army of bio-mechanical 
war-machines called Tekkamen. The Radam invasion force was 
eventually destoryed by Earth's champion Tekkaman Blade - a 
Tekkaman who overcame his "mental brainwashing" and 
rebelled against the Radam, with the help of an organization 
called the Space Knights.
10 years after this war in Global Year 203, The Radam had 
returned to Earth's solar-system - this time to destroy the human  
race!  To combat this threat,a newly formed team of Space Knights 
is about to undertake the creation of their own Tekkamen... 
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