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Connaissez-vous la STEREO-PHOTOGRAPHIE ? Etes vous interressé par des photos en relief? Pour lire cette page en Français, cliquez ici.

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Where can I find glasses for this contours photographies
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 The links pages on anaglyphes and the majors others sites :

International Stereoscopic Union
Les yeux en stereo
3D Web Ring
Find the 3-D


Lestrad stereoscopic viewer
Lestrade and







This page is made by a french stereo-photography fan. (Sorry for the style of this text, but if the Web has made the world a "global village", I write in my "international patois".)

3D or RELIEF or ANAGLYPHE images are exceptional to find. I have search it on the World Wide Web. Yes, I have found some, but few.
I've been taking stereo photography in the French Alps, since 20 years. So I decide to publish my own.

I choose the anaglyphe for this presentation. If you want to see anaglyphe, TAKE A PAIR OF RED AND CYAN GLASSES and go on.

anaglyph with stereocopic effect

usual photography without stereoscopic effect

I put a 3D version before a traditional version of this slide, so you can best view the difference. Traditional slide is very flat and a little bit sad, isn't it.
I have not enough room and it's time consuming to give the comparison each time (but try this), so I never give it after. But believe me, it's always very impressive. But the subject is image in 3D

What sort of enhancement gives the 3-D glasses?
For me, 3-D don't give a more realistic view of the mountain, but in some manner 3-D give a part of the feeling I have in the mountains. Now you can judge.


You will find the most beautiful 3-D photos of this site. Here there are :

the big anaglyphes.
are on this site

Don't forgot :

The big anaglyphe of the month

Caution : The cost of the quality is the loading time. mean value 400 Ko (~4 mn)

 Virtual travelers

I invite you for an 3-D excursion through the French Alps with more than 100 3D images.

Choose through the different massif your preferred mountains.

You prefer a random walk, so try :

The first version of this virtual travel

Where you can find red and blue glasses stereocopic glasses
Adjust your monitor's luminosity.

Please take the time to find glasses and come back, you won't regret.

Test your anaglyph glasses

This site increase, you will find here the old presentation in 3 pages

page 1 , page 2 , page 3

The old version is here because it link all the small images. You can use arrow or wait 150 seconds for an automatic refresh of the picture. (It is also compatible with browser without support of frame)

You will find also :

The map of the French Alpes.
Discover 3D photos with a click on the map.

Some explanations on stereoscopy (in French) :
Why it is not current ? Why always take glasses to see 3D ? .... You have my opinion on.

How to make his own 3D slides :
(surely more beautiful than this ones)
Try to do your own. It's a little bit more complicated than classic photography but your work will surprise yourself.

The defects of a publication with anaglyph (in French) :
As you have already seen, anaglyphe is not perfect. You can see on this page two other methods to see 3D on PC screen, and you can compare.

An example for 3D drawing :
It's good to take 3D photos , yes, but it's better to make 3D drawings.

Virtual images and true 3-D :
If you used some 3D drawing computer program, don't forget : do the rendering in stereo. It is realy amazing. Herre is some examples : monolithe, pin forest, prisme glasses and stereoscopes.

3D photo from the sky :
Here is a rule to do 3_D images during a travel by plane. As J.E. Toulemonde try it.
Aerial stereophoto is one of the most important usage of stereo in science. Here is an example.

A collection of 3D web's bookmarks :
This collection is not exhaustive. It just some good knot I found on the web, where you can find 3D images and professional product.

Collectors :
S. Gauthier compil all the Lestrade catalog. Also some data on Bruguière and Romo

Alpes-Stereo anaglyphes exibit :

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Sorry, I have not translated all pages of this site. I think you come to see images, so this translation is sufficient. If you want explanation, you can find it from the 3D web ring or the web link's page. My explanations are a little bit different, but to know it you have to read French.

And now, where I go ??? ... Click here, there is some images that you can see without glasses!


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