Welcome to the Fancy Website of Alondra Park Chess Club. We're located in the Los Angeles Area (the address is listed below and also on the Contact page). This club holds its tournament games every Tuesday night at seven o'clock sharp.  At the end of each tournament session(every six weeks), there will be a little blitz tournament for all members to join for free.

The time control for the tournament depends on the time both opponents arrive (if one shows up and the other one doesn't within 15 minutes, then we will pair the one that showed up with another chess player for a tournament game.) The length of the game depends on how fast you play.  Usually, it is an hour and twenty-five minutes for all moves.

Membership for the club is five dollars for adults and two dollars and fifty cents for juniors. We welcome anyone for casual chess play on Tuesday nights (for a free whoopin').
3850 W Manhattan Beach Blvd
Lawndale, CA 90260

Club Phone:
310-217-8366 (please only call on Tuesdays:)
Tournament Director:
Stephen Boak / Richard Miller

E-Mail (website email): [email protected]

If you want to reach Steve, I will forward your email to him.
Local Events
Tournament Schedule:
Email [email protected], and I'll get back to you on that.
Alondra Park Chess Club
webmistress note: this website is now officially under construction.  (As of 03/21/2007)
note 2: I know it looks beautiful. Thanks
We are Back at our old but much improved location again! 

And - New website will be coming soon, thanks to Stewart.  You may visit the website here:
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