The systemic sickness stems from disbelief, that nature was the bountiful mother, all of us living moving creatures brothers and sisters invited to an ongoing feast of bliss in the garden of eden. All we had to do was enjoy it and each other, eat the fruit from the trees, cuddle and breathe and rest and meditate, and keep on dancing frolicking loving to the next warm fruity spot and shit a lot of seeds everywhere and keep loving and making mandalas with our energy and all. Instead we lost the trust. Somewhere along the line all cultures pleaded into fear. Agriculture-sedentarism-private property-cooking-sexual repression-suppression of intimate human contact otherwise. The idea that we needed to provide for ourselves by means of dominating conquering abusing nature and other creatures, and that we couldn’t afford to freely share, created scarcity, and war. We invented hell!

We’ve been living in denial. Seemingly, it was just too good to be true. Life became survival, it became a security issue, all about preserving it and conserving it instead of living it. All we did was actually killing it: it’s precisely what we make and become attached to in order to keep it that endangers our lives. Both cooking and digesting cooked foods, staying stuck in closed spaces, holding possessive relationships or mental addictive patterns, needless to say dealing with radioactive appliances, lack of fraternally loving human contact, among other features of what we call civilization, are the real causes for decay and dis-ease, they keep us buried and clugged away in a stale state in which we loose notion of the life force flowing through us.

We didn’t need to bother with survival: it’s already been taken care of. Yeah, there were predator beasts out to get us then… at least we would tribe up to protect ourselves from them. Well, now there’s cars to run ourselves over, wars we’ll force ourselves to fight, cops out to bust us, pollution, AIDS, you name it, watch the news for inspiration, not to even mention kitchens, bathtubs and appliances kill and injure more people than the wilderness ever did, just that we get to work our asses off to create all this, and to distrust, compete with and oppress each other in all sorts of ways, even to death. We made a duty of creating karma, in the basic sense of unnecessary harmful activity, and a terrible paradox: guilt for not doing it, and also for doing it, cause deep down we all know we’re just twicking around with this thing we call work.

How can we possibly believe we know better how and when to grow fruit? How did we survive long enough to invent cooked food, agriculture, the absurd idea of dietary needs? Mother nature provided, all ways and forever. Humans are stuck in overrationalization. We are so insecure we came up with the notion that we knew better than nature, the cosmos, life itself, what we needed, how much and when, that we could calculate it all. Science is the epitome of the illusion of safety, much harm has been done in it’s name. “We couldn’t have evolved over the eons if we needed a diet book in our hands”.1

As we became addicted to the delicious stuff we invented, we got hooked on the idea that we needed to work to gain it, closed spaces to store it, and to make ourselves cozy in our self imposed state of dullness and depletion, increasingly fearful of hardship. In short, grounded. All to make sure we’d never be hungry, cold, wet, lonely, etc. As hard as we have to work to keep it up, we’re all ways in hardship anyway!

The only down fall was in our minds. Instead of enjoying paradise, we actively denied it. That’s in itself the nature of addiction: denying the existing bounty, focusing on lack, therefore striving to fulfill whatever it seems to be: there’s no end to what we could lack. The belief itself that we didn’t have what we needed and instead needed to go out and get it (and sweat and suffer for it), that something was intrinsically wrong with us, missing from us, is what has harmed human history the most…Gaia hurts from this denial. It tears itself apart in desperate cries. She is still waiting to nourish us, longing for us to enjoy her…as we are all deeply begging for a deeper loving connection…

We didn’t need to plant, to cook, to stay in the cold, to worry about needs, to repress our sexuality, sensuality, magik, to compete with and abuse each other, to break our backs to make solid stuff, to protect ourselves and paranoidly calculate and control, and we certainly didn’t need to carry an endless baggage of guilt, shame and self reproach! All this things are equally destructive and unhealthy for both the environment and our own inner well being. Pure karma! It is possible to establish a healthy relationship with each other, nature and the cosmos.

We buried real life with our beliefs. But paradise is still here, all around us, and even more so within us. In a pure raw vegan diet and an attitude of total self awareness and responsibility, devotion to the unconditional love of life and surrender to the magik of being, humans avail perfect health, longevity if not immortality, bliss, clarity, happiness, multidimensional consciousness, clairvoyance, “continual attunement to spirit”3, peace, endless etc.

Was there an ideal stage to go back to? Seems like our history is written in terms of unconsciousness and uptightness. Nobody really meant to create such hell, we didn’t know the mess we were making. It was only natural, no need to pull our hair about it. What’s all this downfall nonsense? We haven’t fallen down at all, we’ve barely been learning to get up and walk in our garden!

Living beings have a physical body to use, but essentially are many other subtle bodies, mainly the astral, a sort of electrical twin of the physical, of which we humans have one of the most refined. Along our astral spine, or Sushumna, are aligned 7 centers of energy, or chakras, which would be like our astral computer. Each runs and rules different aspects of our beings and lives, and all of them work together to make us what we are. Though addictions and fears have locked us in gross body consciousness, and we perceive ourselves as separate individuals, the deeper truth is humanity as a whole is a coordinated being that functions inseparably, and it also has a global chakra system that runs and rules our history.

We’ve just been following the natural ascent of human kind evolving up through our collective chakra system. We’ve gone through the fear of survival, protection, overindulgence, compulsion, exploitation, decadence associated to the first two, and the straight out superproduction, overstimulation, domination, characteristic of the third. These three run gross physical matter issues (in the positive sense, too), and our unconscious-subconscious minds. We are now in transition to the fourth, or chakra of the heart, of healing, love and integration. “The higher aspects of our nature have waited…for us to move through the stages of growth and experience that inevitably bring us to this time of healing and balance. The opportunity to end the struggle between the lower and higher selves is now”.2

Are we yet bored of barely surviving? Humans have the choice to actually live, and real life is about creativity, consciousness and celebration. Survival is about fulfiling imaginary lacks, life is about expanding from completion. “All we do is search and search for fulfillment that seems so elusive.”? Mother nature has all we need. All the “work” we ever needed to do was breathe, love and rejoice, at the most shit-spit seeds all over. Though at this point we may need to reprogram ourselves to do so. Now that’s the only “work” that’s not karma to do.

“Enlightenment was the normal state. The enlightened state was our Garden of Eden. The initial act that began our fall from the enlightened state was the act of eating forbidden food. This was the first cause. But this first cause precipitated a long chain of causes leading to our present state of ignorance. All of these other causes must be resolved also, if their effects are to be undone. Rejecting forbidden food will make the body a strong and capable vessel for divine experience, but there is much unlearning and deconditioning that needs to be done on the emotional and mental levels, before that receptacle can become light-filled. What stands in the way are subtle impressions, or samskaras, which are lodged in our subtle energy bodies, arising from past experience as well as the full force of humanity's collective delusion of the past few thousand years”.3

It’s not just that we are what we eat, which is very true indeed, but also that each chosen diet implies a philosophy and a life attitude, mainly defining how much you want to abuse other beings and how compulsive you wanna be about your needs.

Much has already been said about vegetarianism, at this point everybody has been exposed to the idea. Tigers are carnivorous, orangutans are vegan, whatever: neither has a choice. We do, we are human. What looks holier from your view? Is it actually inspiring to see a tiger tearing apart a deer? Doesn’t it tear you apart too? Have you ever heard a pig’s cries while being slaughtered? Basically, if it moves around freely, we ought to let it be. Raw vegan is a very new concept, some may need proof that we don’t need cooked, processed foods to stay alive, but we already know zillions of healthy long lasting vegetarians, so there’s no excuse. Only self defense allows us to mess up with another living being. “The master gave his disciple a chicken: “Go kill it where nobody sees you”. Long after, he came back with it as alive as ever: “Everywhere I go, the chicken still sees me”.”?

“Plants want us to eat their fruit…the only food that upon being eaten does not cause a life form to die, or interfere with the process of reproduction of either plants or animals! Eating fruits actually increases life! Fruits can be seen as the only food 100% karma free!”3 Also, fruit is the only thing availed and enjoyable as is, offered for the grabs, with no striving, no taking: it literally falls on your hands; and fruitarian shit does not erode but replenishes the land, causing for more fruit trees to grow, while cooked shit, specially carnivorous, poisons it. "The very best thing you can do for your environment, is to eat plentifully of the fruits that nature gives you! You could almost say it is our duty to do so!"3

There’s nothing ethereal and flipped out about fruitarianism, it’s about enjoying Gaia, our garden of eden, right here, as is. It couldn’t be more terrenal, practical and down to earth. It’s not about denying or transcending physical reality, but about (w)holy enjoying it on earth. It’s possible to live perfectly happy, healthy lives right here right now! Heaven is everywhere, heaven is within us. These bodies we have weren’t supposed to be a weight, a nuisance, a shame, a warehouse for dis-ease and decay, but a light vehicle for experiencing god, bliss, love, life! Cutting down on consumptions is not limiting. It allows us an unsuspected array of sensations and access to dimensions wider and deeper than anything our grounded state ever did, and it lengthens our duration, vitality and strength. We won’t be deprived from abstaining from poisons, it’s instead those poisons that deprive us from “experiencing the heavenly realms while still in the body”.3

“Feed your physical body only pure, living foods, and your mental body only pure, loving thoughts. It’s your responsibility to do so, for you affect every other being by your choices.”3 Even more important than not consuming poisons and harboring negative thought patterns ourselves, it’s not to feed them to our children. We already inherited millenary addictions and obstructive fears, thus it being so tough to let go, but we can bring up pure free beings who will grow up with a much better choice between compulsion and consciousness, thus having a greater chance of creating a happy healthy future society.

Cooked and processed food not only buries us alive, ages us and eventually kills us. There’s yet a deeper reason that makes it the most insidious addiction of humanity: it’s the one we really believe we have to have to survive, it’s the deepest most engrained external expression of the most harmful of illusions: that there’s something we’re missing. It’s not food that keeps us alive. We are alive in love anyway. Maybe one day we die. Eating cooked food we die for sure.

“The seed of god is in us. The seed of god grows into god”.4 “The consciousness of god within is all I need for all eternity”.? “Mana is the silent force permeating all of nature…the magnificent energy flowing through all living things. It can be harnessed by man to increase his own power…if only he can find it’s source. All living matter is modeled by it. And we spend our whole lives seeking it as a holy quest…and our hearts will find no peace until they rest in it, for it flows from the supreme being we call god. Once found, the whole world takes on a new splendor. It becomes a thing of mysterious and sacred significance. The seed of all things is buried within us until the gift of mana is offered to it. A seed regenerates and never dies. It sprouts and grows again. All our strength and power lie in finding and recognizing the source of mana. If we do, it will never cease to flow. It is an endless channel of blessings”.5

Ultimately, no fruit, and certainly no processed foods, will ever really nourish: you’ll be forever hungry unless you learn to nourish yourself from within, for “if you don’t go within, you go without”.? Physically, hunger is just “pangs of addiction withdrawal”3 (and thirst an effect of digesting mushy, spiced and otherwise processed foods). But in a deeper sense, hunger is a physical reflection of the inner sense of lack and discomfort seemingly inherent to human nature. Good news! It’s not: we can choose to become whole through meditation, focus on inner healing work, and most importantly through breath control.

“By conscious regulation of breathing, nerves are soothed and the current of life energy that flows through them is harmonized. Indeed, the breath is a subtle bridge that can lead one to heightened intuition, creativity, and keen insight into all aspects of life, both spiritual and mundane…” “…more refined states become immediately accessible”.3 One thing we all know for sure is that breath is life. Yet we rarely actually actively breathe. We’ve acquired the habit of breathing shallowly and shortly, like we got stuck in state of alert. It feels good to just breathe. Deeply, slowly, soundly. It’s a pleasure. It’s a blast. And we can use the breath to heal, to wash away negativity, to relax, to know and regenerate ourselves from within. Learning to deepen ourselves enough, the breath will open the doors of awareness and link all dimensions together. As we continue to focus within, we realize the whole magik of the universe is flowing through our veins. Ultimately, we are our breath, and controlling it equals taking command of our lives. Once whole and at one with our own breath of life, it’s also one of the subtlest ways to share intimacy, synchronizing personal rhythms and energy patterns…

“The meditative tradition itself is universal, it’s practice is an intrinsic aspect of human nature”.6 Ultimately, meditation is being still focusing within, on one’s being and breath, on one’s own oneness with oneself and the all, aiming for peace. Even if it doesn’ t seem to create significant transcendent experiences, just the depth of self awareness and command it brings are already very healing. Besides, it’s accumulative, and even if nothing seems to be happening while you meditate, the regular practice will bring ever more attunement and bliss, and flashes of revelation, insight, etc., randomly in outward day to day life, and eventually establish us in entirely different states of being altogether.

“At first the restrictions and practice seem quite constricting. Eventually, you reach a stage where meditation flows quite spontaneously. Everyday is new, fresh, full of wonderful insights. The beauty of the world then shows itself as it is, doubts fade away, and the banality of ordinary life is replaced by the awe of the soul”.? “A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences; an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment, a loss of interest in judgment and conflict; frequent attacks of smiling; an increased susceptibility to the love extended by others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it, contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature”.7

“It is the friend within our own heart who fills the loneliness and gives us the feeling of being totally loved. The more you contact and feel your own inner friend, the more we can give and receive from others”.8 “So where is love? Nowhere is love not! Mostly it is there in the unfolding flower of your heart. …You must experience self love before you can experience anybody else’s. Already we are the eversought wonderful thing we seldom find…Love doesn’t run out. It’s the divine force everywhere, the universal energy, the moving power of life. Love is the place you are coming from, your ground of being. You are love…“?

Consistent self awareness is not selfish: ultimately, it will make you a clear channel to deeply and openly, yet consciously and responsibly, share yourself with others. Awareness of your destructive patterns will help you not to act them out, whereas denial will compel you to blindly act them out big time… “If you bring light to what’s within you, it will save you; if you leave it in the dark, it will destroy you”.9 “The seeker is in a journey into the darkness, into the unknown, where most people do not want to enter. Once they do, though, they receive the gifts of consciousness and enlightenment. The mask can then drop to reveal one’s inner truth”.?

Most of us have anger and resentment issues. It’s best to face them and vent them out consciously. Scream, stomp and storm, throw a tantrum, fight with your shadow, whatever gets it out. And then laugh! Of course this is to be done alone or among people who know what you’re doing. Just don’t fight with people and with life itself: it would obviously defeat the purpose. More over, avoid it at all costs.“Every irritation is an invitation for spiritual elevation”.? Whatever you're going through inside is your own trip, and it will only get worse by letting it act out in our involvement with life.

If you haven’t yet learned to be alone, itself would be one greatest healing practice, for only if we can enjoy being with ourselves will we ever be comfortable enough to truly enjoy others and life. If we can’t be alone, most likely our relationships are a mere filler, or an escape. Talk to yourself, sing to yourself, pamper yourself. I’ll bet it turns out you are fun company!

Now sadness is another thing. Cry all you can. It’s not just very healing and relieving, it actually feels good. It’s almost a pleasure to be sad. Some of the most exquisite art springs from melancholy… “Cry, baby, cry”…. And then laugh too! And smile!

"Out there", really, just smile (god does love you). Actually, smile to yourself, and to life, even if there doesn't seem to be anything to smile for: it will relax facial tension and ideas, release endorphins (the hormones that make us feel "pleasure"), plus almost magically making our interactions more harmonious, fluid and friendly...So smiling itself makes us, and life, happier!

“Be a fundamentalist: put the fun before the mental”.10 Humor is also very important. We’ve been taking it all way too seriously, especially our own selves: laugh at yourself, and at the oddities of life. Be silly, make a fool of yourself, and you’ll be well on your way to “fool enlightenment”!10 Plus it’s free entertainment!

Be outdoors, breathe real air. Avoid air conditioned as you can. (Why would we want the air to be conditioned? It’s one of the few unconditionals we have!) Listen to the wind, the rain, the water currents, your own inner rhythms. Feel the sunshine. Breath the colors of life. Laugh. Celebrate. Jump in joy if possible. Don’t be afraid of being alive. It's good for you! "The only sin is to limit the Is. Don't".18

The rawer, veganer, and simpler our diet, the easier and faster it will all happen. Cooked (and any level of processed) food clogs our channels, sucks a great deal of our energy in digesting (and, of course, in all sort of dealings to prepare it), leaving not much room for energy flow, nor much of that energy to use in expanding and healing, not much sensitivity, and not even much time, whereas fruit and raw veggies, eaten whole, will refill us with 100% pure efficient life energy, happily flow through and even cleanse our channels, make us more aware of the subtlest deepest realms, provide even more time (even less sleep is necessary if the body is not exhausted from digesting poisons, but “full to overflowing with prana …assimilated from raw living food”3), enhancing and accelerating the energy flow and the capacity for self knowledge and development. “Cooked food forces the light body into dormancy, living food naturally and spontaneously awakens it”.3 Cooked foods make us feel old, gray, mediocre, stale and stiff inside, while live raw vegan foods, especially fruit, make us feel colorful fluid young and happy. On a clear body, fruit is actually a psychedelic experience! “The simple act of reverently eating pure raw food with full consciousness will at times produce ecstatic spiritual states”.3 Also digesting cooked food is very symptomatically distracting: a few farts can well mess up a swell meditation, a stuffed bread belly can barely breathe, etc., plus thirst and hunger may arise…“Being deficient in prana, their perceptive faculty is deranged”… “the body’s energy is necessarily directed toward ridding itself of the ingested poison… meditation practiced in a state of emergency will be improductive, possibly even counterproductive”.3 On the other hand, if not intentfully used, such rawsome vitality may flip or freak one out. Both are complimentary and necessary, and either one alone won’t do it: We need to purify our channels off deadly stale stuff, and we need to make conscious use of the energy that reawakens…

(While any level of raw is certainly healthier than any cooking, processed raw food, specially gourmet-restaurant style, is not included as “raw” in this approach: it ultimately has all the destructive side effects of cooked food (time preparing, digestive disturbances, thirst, commerce, and on), and it’s still very distracting to healing our relationship with ourselves, people and history. Of course raw animal foods are not included either. Namely, the ideal diet aimed to here is “Instinctive (either Vitarian, Fruitarian or Raw Vegan) (Vitarian: light low protein fruits; Fruitarian: all fruits plus nuts and seeds; Raw Vegan: all raw edible vegetables; Instinctive: one thing at a time, whole, eaten in full awareness and devotion). Of course this is quite extreme. From there on there’s countless levels, the more prepared, mushed up or ground, the more cooked, the more ingredients, the more poisonous it will be in all aspects mentioned. Any level of raw or vegan is already much further a step into paradise and clearing our inner connection than hamburgers and soda pops. Actually, any level of letting go is worthwhile. For some people the first step may be tobacco, or alcohol, or even crack! Some may need to do a lot of inner healing work before they are self assured enough to let go of anything. But even if we just let go of our dense thought patterns, it’s all a step beyond, and every little bit helps.)

It may seem like the physical addictions would be the hardest to let go of, yet it’s been known to be all the way around: often the reason to stop growth is fear of what’s unveiled within us as we purify, of seeing our deeper personal underlying emotional issues. “It’s true, as we go through life thinking heavy thoughts, particles tend to get caught, causing truth decay. Be sure to use mental floss”.10 We need to remember that the first stage in healing is acknowledging the illness. When we start learning to relax and deepen, the itches and twitches show up; when we start purifying our diets, the toxins are the first to come out, when we start looking within we see our inner monster. All we have to do is face it, bless it and release it, and we’ll free from it fast, leaving plenty room to enjoy our divinity! Not fight it though: it will fight back! Unfortunatelly, often we stop the process right here, thus keeping the monster inside, eating at us. Plus wasting our energies on trying to avoid it.

There’s a wide variety of techniques to help us, fortunately word has been spread about them more and more in the last few decades, and “truth so obviously radiates from all the paths…”3 Try and see what suits you, cause Gee, yoU aRe yoU, it’s youRevolution… Nothing wrong with gurus, as long as we use their teachings for our own enlightenment, and not worship the very guru as a holy filler for our lack, as the holder of a light that we ourselves can’t attain, which only creates power games and ultimately destroys the guru too.

Yoga is probably the widest embracing, least denominational. It includes all the good things of spiritual, esoteric schools, yet it’s not a creed, but a healing practice bearing almost mathematical results, placing the focus in the union of all dimensions of the self with god. It has an irreplaceable feature, known as Hatha yoga, the aspect dealing with asanas, or postures specially designed to create geometrical shapes in our astral bodies for the energy to flow freely (not to be turned off by spectacular contortions often ostented: there’s 64,000 official listed asanas, down to lying flat open on the ground, so there’s some for every style of person and level of flexibility, plus itself makes you more flexible), and pranayama, or breath control.

If you don’t wanna “do yoga”, there’s a few tips you can’t skip: the quid is lengthening, aligning and straightening the spine; expanding, especially the shoulders (this is very important since fear and resistance manifest physically as a pull back to the protection of fetal position, just that as free adults it fails to recreate the safety of the womb, and it only constricts and blocks us); deepening the breath, and really being there with focus.

Dancing in devotion and singing in surrender will liberate blockages in energy flow and self expression, release unwanted tension, causing us to be looser and lighter, plus the voice and energy we project out have further healing transformational effects, and they’re some of the most essential acts of vitality, the freeest most spontaneous ways to connect with the cosmic flow of universal life. “God respects us when we work, but loves us when we sing”.? (There’s several examples of deities that command evolution through dance and sound, like Shiva, Krishna, Pan…) And hey, don’t forget to groan and moan and grunt and scritch, and use the voice in all manners of expression.

Mantra has two important aspects: the abstract transcendental trance inducing of endlessly repeating a seed sound; and the affirmation, which implies constantly choosing our thoughts and words, using them creatively and constructively, and erasing till eradicating the obsolete useless ones. If you are traditionally oriented, there’s a wide variety of mantras for your choice, but better yet, invent your own, tell yourself what you really long to hear, and you’ll become it! And all ways Om!

All this things are mighty good in themselves, but their effect is incalculably enhanced with our focused attention and conscious intent while we are at it. “Oneness is ever existent, but it is only through our realization and our acknowledgement of it’s existence that the change is worked on us, and life takes on a new aspect. We are agents of free will”.?

“Listen to the words of the goddess: Sing, dance, make music and love, all in my presence, for mine is the ecstasy of the spirit eternal and mine is joy on earth. Mine is the secret that opens upon the door of youth, and mine is the cup of wine of life, that is the holly grail of immortality. I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal, peace and freedom and reunion. I am the mother of all things and my love is poured upon the earth. I call upon your soul to arise and come up on to me. For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe. From me all things proceed and unto me they must return. Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices, for all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, mirth and reverence within you. And you who seek to know me, know that your seeking and yearning will awake you not, unless you know the mystery: for if that which you seek, you don’t find it within, you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with you from the beginning and I am that which is attained at the end of desire”.11 (Good thing “the nature of desire is to exhaust itself”?!)

Maybe even more important an evolutionary healing step than not consuming certain foods, is to eradicate the idea that we depend on food for nourishment, that we even need nourishment. Itself has become an addictive hindrance. The sole notion of need (with it’s added features of fear of loss, deprivation and depletion, etc.) will not allow us to plentifully enjoy things that could be nourishing. Ultimately, we don’t even need to heal, since healing originally meant becoming whole. Moreover, “healing is re-membering who you are”12. We are not just whole, but we are glorious gorgeous chunks of incarnated divinity. We don’t need anything but our breath, our love, our life force, our magik, ourselves. “All we have to do is seek it, but we are to busy ignoring it”.? “The life force energy is magnetized, or drawn to, wherever you place your attention. Remember this truth and use it well by directing your attention only to those things that serve your evolution”.3 The best thing we can do for ourselves and for ourstory is to affirm in all levels and manners that we are whole and happy and thankful for the great bounty of life and for the miracle of our own being. Anything and everything that brings us back into the essential joy of pure being.

Though self transformation and responsibility are crucial at this time, even more so is to start (or continue) it all from self love and acceptance of where we are at. Radical changes are happening which require us to let go of deeply entrained ancestral beliefs, patterns, consumptions, etc. Old habits die hard, and though we are as we speak in the way to godliness, we are still human, and it doesn’t help but hinders our growth to beat ourselves and others up about whatever way we are not yet there. Guilt, blame and shame are the worst poisons, We can’t wait till we get there to love: more so, only love will get us there. And love starts within us. Ultimately the only way to heal and (tr)ascend is first to enjoy the perfection of life as is. It’s crucial not to make our healing choices into one more reason to be uptight, overly serious and judgmental of ourselves and others. It’s all about loosening up, having fun and loving. And specially beware of the holier than thou syndrome: virtue is not pure if full of pride, and the ego is so insidious it tends to become attached even to the progress made against it. If it doesn’t make you more loving, accepting and compassionate, if it doesn’t help others see the light you’ve found, it’s besides the point.

Also it’s not about never slipping off, but not to lose notion of the path. We don’t need to be perfect at it, we just need to stay with it. Our bodies have much denser vibrations than our psy-keys, and it takes them a while to catch up with our transcendental choices. Often we are mentally very determined, yet our bodies go and compulse all on their own. It’s just natural, that too will pass away if your inner conviction is unwavering. “He who perseveres attains”.? It’s not about never going off track, it’s about never losing sight of your destination. “The trip is gradual, and it gets lighter and funner and it finally takes you to a place where you live in the world…but not in the same world”.9

“Forgive them, lord, they don’t know what they’re doing.” “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” Just that we are starting to realize what we are doing, and it turns out we are god: only we can, and need to, forgive ourselves, first and foremost, to clear the path to our divinity.

“We will only know a reality of separation, simply because we have separated ourselves from our own true nature”: “We are powerful beings who have no choice but to powerfully create the results of our own choices“.2 Ultimately, magik is creative thinking. Since it’s our responsibility to cocreate our reality, it’s almost our duty to do magik, in the freeest most basic sense: use our thoughts and words consciously and intentfully, for they do manifest in collective physical reality, affecting immensely both our personal life and human evolution. We could say it’s an evolutionary must to reclaim our magik: the famous downfall was mainly due to denial and disempowerment. We’ve actually been doing magik all along, just blindly and out of control. Life is what we make it, and we’ve sure made a mass mess! Why not do it for real, accept once and for all that we are godly beings capable of creating beautiful lives of our own, instead of trying to make our lives fit into pre-programmed structures that are mainly the perpetuation of human fears? “Man and woman, united before an inevitable pulsation that compells us to recuperate our magik. How painful those years of separation were for both of us. We lived in the darkness, not seeing each other, and before giving each other the mutual comfort and consolation we needed, we tore each other (and ourselves) apart. We took sides and we both lost”.9 Men enslaved women, implemented wars, governments, borders, money, science, technology (boys play with toys?), domination and control…a whole oppressive system well known as patriarchy, or better yet HIStory. (Though her passivity allowed it all to happen: she could as well just rebel all along, like she finally did in this century). Ultimately, maleness in this most outrageous expressions of domination is but the epitome of fear, desperate seeking for outward fulfillment, etc. Not to ever forget that very outward strive is also the giver of all holly seeds of life. Male and female are just polarized aspects of the self, and humans have the healthiest holiest option of becoming integrated beings, blissfully embracing and balancing ying and yang. We don’t need matriarchy either, because when we are whole we don’t need to control, posses and govern others, and self responsibility is the key (and feminism has sure missed the point with anger and blame. precisely expressions of the maleness they claim to fight against), but since there has already been major imbalance in the agro male direction, at this moment balancing requires a pull toward the feminine, to the inward, subtler, intuitive, gentler side of the coin. We need to start writing HERstory too, so it can all be OURstory. Bears pointing out that the women’s liberation movement has not precisely been a pull toward the feminine, but more like women daring into some of the assertive, and even aggressive, qualities of the masculine. What we need, both men and women, and humanity as a whole, is to balance toward the feminine qualities of life itself, and we need to do it by honoring and deeply caring for and opening to each other (instead of blaming and or clinging on to each other), aiding each other in healing our wounds and reclaiming our magik and the utmost highest power to be whole, happy, and love irrestrictedly.

“Deception occurs when you are divided. Truth appears when you are whole. Uniting male and female brings illumination. The real master is a perfect light”.? “The lovers were slain for they knew not the words of the free states refrain. And it said “I believe in the power of god, I believe in the state of love” “…a love machine lumbers through desolation roads, ploughing down man, woman, listening to it’s command, but not hearing any more…just the shrieks of the old rich”.13 “Until we are willing to take responsibility to heal the imbalance within, we will remain prisoners of patriarchy, and we will never know the options of love, support, nurturing, freedom or the innocence of our authentic selves’’.2 It goes without saying sexuality is one the most crucially delicate aspects to heal…

“When we began to fill our bodies with irritating poison, the overstimulated sex organs became our downfall. Whereas before, the body lasted for years in a state of perfect health, it now sensed that it’s death was iminent, and the reproductive function was “kicked into high gear” to ensure that the species would survive. Sex became an obsession, increasingly associated with depletion”.3 And did we go off on it! Not just we ensured our own survival: we’ve plagued the planet! We are the killers, we are the predators of Gaia, we are the very ones endangering her whole survival!

“Our history shows that in the name of protecting the “right choice”, we have controlled, dominated and even destroyed anything that has disagreed with our fearful choices. We’ve done this with great conviction, even in the name of God, all based on the life and death perspective of the wounded child within”.2 Sexual repression and monogamy came along with private property practically as a way to ensure to only provide for our own heirs, and in a deeper sense because the dull mass consciousness became weary of all acts of pleasure, freedom and magik: since we didn’t believe in real life, we couldn’t bear the notion of real life in others, so we had to persecute any and all outbursts of it: sex, sensuality, dancing, magik, ritual, gypsies, etc.

As humanity buried itself in heavy food and guilty denial, numbed and blinded to the blissfull subtleties and therefore desperate for gross external overstimula, sex became a possessive security issue, one more addiction, one very special way of covering up for our sense of lack and discomfort, of seeking fulfillment outside of ourselves. The most complex addiction of them all, since the object has it’s own free will of interaction, thus offering a wide array of ways in which it could fail to fulfill us, and we may blame them for our dissatisfaction, which causes all sorts of power games between people. And it became a goal oriented penetrational orgasm and release issue, instead of a continual blissful enjoyment of the wide variety of exquisite subtle and intense sensations bodies can provide, which is still little compared to the ecstasy of consciously sharing energy fields and emotions. Again, it’s hard to focus on, or to even feel, this subtleties if your channels are clugged with heavy poisonous foods, drugs and feelings. The more degenerated by cooked foods, the more clinging to security, pleasure and comfort issues, the more we relate to others in an addictive possesive basis. We view people, particularly lovers, as fillers for our lack. So any sort of deep human contact became taboo unless between official sex partners, making us yet more isolated and stiff in our dis-ease, cause there’ nothing more healing and comforting than fraternally loving human touch.

And after centuries of repression, the recent sexual liberation kind of missed the point and just superficially and decadently blasted out sexuality, leaving us more empty and desolate, to the point of coming up with AIDS to externally express how sickly we were really relating. While it’s certainly great to have broken through the taboo, unfortunately millennia of addiction and focus on gross matter had already made us insensitive to the subtlest deepest realms of sensuality and we just blasted it out fucking, only penetration being loud enough to feel even as clugged up as we are…

Even if not aware of it, energy fields do become deeply intertwined in sex, potentially creating automatical attachment. Often people are totally addicted before even knowing if they like each other! On a raw vegan diet with a meditative attitude all other addictive clings soften as well. It becomes a pleasure to just feel yourself, to just be, so we don't need any kind of engagement just to cover up for our desolation, and we can choose who with and when to relate for real...

“The senses are a gift that God has given us to keep perfect physical and spiritual health. They are not sinful. Learn to use them responsibly to keep yourself in balance”.3 Celibacy is only good if we celebrate ourselves, if we actually work on making ourselves complete so we can establish real interactions from a place of satisfaction, truly sharing ourselves and enriching each other instead of sucking from and clinging to one another. Once we become whole, we stop seeing people, and life itself, as fillers for our sense of lack, and they become instead enriching, enhancing and expanding: a real pleasure. “Love is ours for the asking, if we can open to it rather than expecting it or demanding it from somebody else”?

“Sex can be restored to its original spiritualizing function, that of energizing the body and allowing us to see the transcendent god reflected to us in our beloved”3; “a service, a gift of love, that can only be given when a woman and a man together overcome the projection of their lower natures upon each other, and live and feel as one being”, an “ecstatic merging experience where the sexual act is no less then a prayer of praise and thanksgiving”.8 It ought to be the culminating climax of all other aspects of love and sharing with one another, in an of itself it has no meaning, we may as well masturbate for that matter. Only when you are willing to commune with and care for one another in all other levels sex is worthwhile… and only then it acquires it’s real depth: literally heaven on earth! It’s funny that the sex that has become such an obsession doesn’t even turn out to be such a sensational experience. Hey, fucking is somewhat pleasurable, but it gets pretty boring, vibrators are just as good (even better and safer for girls: no side effects), if all we want is a desolately empty explosive orgasm. It’s the depth of the loving connection running through our veins, the surrender and re-surging, the melting and merging together, that really feel good and enrich us, allowing us access to truly heavenly realms and higher levels of our own being. “The one god masquerading as two bodies, two minds, two hearts…”8

Sex has been devoid of it’s real depth and meaning. Sex is magik, sex is marriage. Because it’s the most powerful and significant act, the seed of all life, and it’s truly counterproductive to indulge on it just casually, “for mere ego gratification”3, as if it were a sport or a drug, or some sort of entertainment. It’s actually the most significant act of creativity and procreation, and the most ultimate surrender of the ego into the divine; it’s indeed the marriage of all aspects of consciousness into onenes, multiplied by the holly communion with a whole other being. And it’s the ultimate magic, “a dance with the force of creation”14: deeply hypnotic, highly connected lapses in which our thoughts affect reality the most, plus two minds at it together magnifies and multiplies the manifestational energy... it’s so important that we become aware and responsible for our psykey during sex: we can even choose to (or choose not to) conceive children consciously!

Sexual preferences are too personal and delicate to rule about, but one thing is for sure: we don’t need to make our own preferences into a rule that rules out other’s. While it’s still an option to establish commited one to one sexual alliances (if that’s really our choice, and not just sheeply following the rule or blunt codependency), it’s also alright to have multiple partners, communal marriages, homo and bisexual: all options are good as long as all involved agree and we really consciously choose and not just compulse. Monogamy, though, has some other features that need to be erradicated if we are to build a healthier society: it places great stress upon one another, cause of the idea that this single person may fulfill all our needs, imaginary as they are, and it often ends up in war, cause no other person can ever cover up for our unrealistic expectations, and we are so silly we tend to hold it against each other. Also, no one single other person should be responsible for sharing and resolving practical life: we should all be capable of being responsible for our own single life, and we should all openly and freely help each other along…We may choose one single partner for intercourse, but we can’t choose one only partner for touch, trust, tenderness, compassion, support, intimacy, deep communion, nourishment, emotionality, healing, and all other expressions of care, affection and sensuality.

And possibly the most important one: children. No two people are mature and clear enough to be totally responsible for all of their offspring’s development. In the practical sense, it places great stress, specially upon the mother: once you have kids, you are stuck 24/7 with them, and they with you, which is too much for anybody, and we end up just pouring our neurosis upon the children; plus nobody is healthy enough not to abuse a position of absolute authority over another being, and we unavoidably impose our own limited beliefs on them, which ends up being good part of the reason we grow up so messed up and blocked: kids should grow up together in bunches, and parents should take rotational care of the bunch. It doesn’t matter whose sperm we come from, we are all one, we are all children of creation. That way we’d grow up richer in views, culture and talents, less codependent and ready to relate and face the world openly, and nobody would have to pull their hair about it. Which comes down to the need for creating compatible intentional communities. (A lot of the harmful inventions of technology are not really that harmful in themselves, but become deadly so when we produce to many so we can each have our own locked at home instead of just producing enough to efficiently use consciously and communally.)

It’s also imperative that we extend loving healing caring touch and intimacy beyond penetrationally possessive issues and security boundaries. We are starved for affection and community. Cuddle puddles, massage chains, angel walks, hug patrols, ohm circles, should be common casual part of everyday relating. And then deeper, more refined levels of intentional intimacy: breathing budha buddies, conscious communal cuddling, collective chakra clubs, humandalas, multimelting mania! “The only moments in life that truly matter are the ones that open our heart. Touching hearts with one another is the whole reason for living” “The heart is where we can learn to transcend fear and resistance. It is the center of love and intimacy, giving and receiving. As we enter it, we will begin to develop true intimacy with our lives and with those around us in deeper ways than we have ever known. This is the major step on evolution that awaits on the brink”. 2 "It's gonna take all our courage to make a new start, it's gonna take a revolutionof the heart".20

Modern life doesn’t provide much arena for experimenting with all this. The Rainbow Gatherings are where it’s at, home, the key to the future. The only hang up as of now is to much cooking, but at least it’s vegetarian and openly shared, otherwise the Rainbowlution holds priceless clues in global healing (free assembly out doors in public land, communal, gypsy, no money, non hierarchical, non competitive, non alcoholic, and on, and the most important: peace devoted, organic and spontaneous, mantra power galore, and love oozing out through everybody’s pores. Never been to one? Must check it out!

“If we want world peace, we must give up our attachments and truly live like no-mads. That way there’ll be surely no-madness in the world. And peace begins with each of us. A little peace here, a little peace there, peaces will fit together to make one big peace everywhere”.10 “Walk on the earth not as a tourist, but as if it were your home”.15 It’s no coincidence that white race has been the most outrageously domineering force of history: to stay in the freezing cold against all odds! No wonder, so much stress and fear: sun deprivation alone would do it! Sedentarism, agriculture, supersolid building, are signs of addiction, just grounding, majorly limiting our view of life. You can’t see the forest from the trees! As messed up as it is, there’s a wide world full of adorable loving characters out there. Nomadism would ensure we broadcast seeds all over…Seeds of fruit, seeds of multicultural consciousness…

“If a large enough group of people were all drawing on the calm, coherence, and wisdom deep within the silent human mind, then those qualities would prevail in the environment, and the right changes would come about”.? “When you meditate, you bring the forces of evil and good into balance in your life,…and for the planet, for the universe”.2 ”Meditation is a political action”? And so is ohming. At Rainbow Gatherings we’ve seen Ohm circles freeze police patrols in the spot (some of them even cried).

It’s an unprecedented time in human evolution. So far all the revolutions, as in deep core structural change of the established system, have been based on anger, on blaming “the ones in power” and violently eliminating them just to establish a new power hungry play. This century is witnessing a peacefull integrational revolution, for the first time in history humanity is globally becoming aware of our responsibility in ecology, evolution, etc., and there’s countless movements based upon peaceful personal transformation (from the main stream New Age to the Rainbow Gatherings), focused on creating a new positive healthier future with our every single act, rather than fighting some mean old system that’s bound to die anyway.

Opposites are integrating, science and spirituality are starting to agree (or more precisely, science has proved itself wrong, narrow minded and limited on and on enough to realize that even magik is scientifically provable…). Both individually and globally, our subconscious and conscious realms, our masculine and feminine aspects, as many other polarities, are merging together as well. Even the www (a physical reflection of the collective cosmic psy-key), is an incredible sign of global integration: now we know, for real, that we are all one, with the world at our fingertips. Borders are dissolving, taboos are breaking, long held beliefs are being deeply challenged. Any of these days we’ll be able to say “where money stood, we planted seeds of rebirth”13… “We are learning one step at a time how to let go of limitation and allow healing change. And most importantly we are starting to come together as a healing community all over the world. All for one and one for all!”2

At this time though, change is unavoidable. Just being born in this day and age is a sign that we came to partake of it. Even if we’d try to play sheep and stay aside, in the next few decades Gaia’s vibrational rate will heighten so that gross densities will have to fall off of us…or we’ll have to fall off of Gaia. Also, the subconscious is massively coming up to surface, and soon there’ll be nowhere to hide no more…You may choose to resist and suffer through it, or go along and grow ever happier.

We must remember that fear is the first stage to everything. We don’ t need to believe it, marry it and stay stuck with it forever, but just acknowledge it and go beyond it. That’s all there is. Nobody is fearless: the difference between coward and brave is clinging on to fear or just letting it pass by. “The pain of surrendering is due to clinging to who we think we are… But the surrender itself is exhilarating and joyfull”.8 “To live happy and freely, you must sacrifice boredom”, “be ready at any minute to sacrifice what you are for what you could become”.?

It’s time now to reclaim our only real power: the power to make ourselves whole, happy, fully integrated beings, at one with ourselves and it all. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery: none but ourselves can free our minds”.16 Or better yet: “Free your mind, and your ass will follow”.17 There’s a thin line between being aware and responsible and surrendering. It’s all about choosing what to surrender to! All we need to do, both in personal lives and in human evolution, is reverse the mental focus to the exquisite fulfillment the most essential sparkles of life bring: the breath, the life force running through us, the music of the natural cycles, the moon, the wind, the added miracle of human tantric interactions…

“It’s time to speak your truth, to create your community, to be good to each other. This can be a good time! Now there’s a river so big flowing so fast that some will be fearful and will try to cling on to the shore, feeling they’ll be torn apart and suffering greatly. Know that the river has its destination. We must go away from the shore and place ourselves in the middle of the river, head floating above and eyes wide opened to see who’s there with us and celebrate. At this time in history, we mustn’t take anything personally, the least our own selves, for if we do our growth and our spiritual journey will be stopped. Unite! Erase the word fight from your attitude and from your vocabulary. Now everything must be done in sacred celebration. We are the ones we are waiting for!”18

It’s not about going back to some primordial pristine state, it’s about growing forward in evolution into states never grasped before. Let’s "give sanity a longer leash!"? Have we grounded ourselves long enough? Wouldn’t we like to fly? The sky is not the limit!

It’s time to open our hearts to each other, to Gaia, to the cosmos. It’s time to clear our vessels off impurities so we can shine god through. It’s time to ”be cute, (and) eat fruit”.3 It’s time to get high on our own supply. It’s time to quit mediCating and start mediTating, to stop commercing and compEting and start compAting and communing. It’s time to keep up with our times!

God’s Will is Love In Action.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Love is the key. Love is the answer. Love is Life. Love is All.
Shall Ohm

Aloma, Keau’u, Hawaii, may 2002

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