Neo FruiTantribal Shamanatrix

Personal Holistic Health Help Out / Fruitarian-Raw Vegan Counseling

Alomistical Meditation
Tantric Tools for Tranceformation
-Kriya Yoga -Pranayama -Psicodrama
-Mantra in Movement -Humandalas
-Fruit(arian) Fun -Beautify the Vibe!
-3 hour sessions -3 people minimum
Sliding Donation Scale. Bring fruit!

Take a step into YouRevolution
Become the Best of your Be(am)ing and Bloom
Natural Psicodelia

Live Alomusical Solos

Outerdimensional Trancesensual Ethereal Industrial Gypsy Gothic Ancient Futuristic Sounds of (plucked, bowed and) Hammered Dulcimer, Mandolin, Metals, Bells, Drums, Flutes...... Angelically Possessed Voice and Dance

From intimate acoustic to massive amplified, all is good except no Raves
CD's, Tapes and Videos available

Inspiring insight rad raw rants on Fruitarianism; Breath, Mantra and Magik; YouRevolution; Survival and Surrender; Spiritual Fun and Sacred Sensuality; Rainbowlution; Ritual; TaoHumorosofy...Alomisticomical concerns!

In Spanish and Italian as well
I may also Alomotivate entire Alomistical-Alomusical days

Chakra ascending (rainbow colored) Fruit Fast 7 day workshops/retreats

I'm in San Francisco but I'm very mobile Gypsy Girl


Expanding Organic Website. Check for texts, songs and videoclips

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