The above photograph is taken by TAMAS REVESZ. I have not asked for his permission to use it because A) I would If I could B) I don't know him personally, do you? C) This is a non-profit website. It's purely for fun. D) I doubt that he or his publisher will somehow stumble across my page. 

i) EXPLANATION of 'Simple Philosophies Explained' - The page has been generated and created by me - Rebecca. It's purpose is to provide insight into the philosophies and ideas of  my generation. I don't know what my generation is, whether it's X or Y or whatever. The generation I'm talking about though is around my age group, I guess. I'm 15 years old - so go figure. I, myself have many philosophies about life. Well, infact I don't know if they are philosophies but they're defiantly ways of living life. Maybe this page can be useful to those old people who can't understand the way we think. Maybe it will be useful to the New Zealand Government as to why I'm planning to leave NZ as soon as possible....or maybe it's just pointless, but either way it's interesting.

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