Dear Readers,

It has been awhile since the last episode of AG was posted. Well its time for the 2nd season to start.

First of all, I will address somethings about the show. Alot of stories that started in season 1 are wrapped up really quickly. I was writing and wanted to take characters in different directions. Some stories from season 1 will continue late into the season.

Before we talk about what to expect, last season we had some issues with episodes not showing up, I think that I have finally solved the problem. I'm hoping that its done. I spent many months, reposting episodes, and trying them out. So I pray that the situation is done. If it isn't I will try again, and get this mess sorted out. The episodes are showing up for me but it may be different for y'all.

You can expect some new characters, we are going to see more of Pamela, and learn about her past. I think its an interesting story. We have some new characters coming onto the canvas to help with her story. I'm going to introduce them slowly, so fans don't worry we won't met them one episode, and the next they are in a story. We met one, and then his wife. Slowly we get to see them as a couple, and learn about them. This is a favorite story of mine this season.

We have 3 characters that die in this season. When planning this season, I thought that maybe I was over-doing it with 3 characters dying. Looking back now, all 3 characters that die all push forward with stories. The first death happens really early in the season. It happens to move forward with the story. The police will investigate the murder but it will end up being an unsolved murder.

The 2nd death is one of my favorite episodes of the season. I don't think that you the audience will see it coming. This death is accidental. So many people of the canvas are affected by it as well. When I first planned it out, I was going to cancel it and not have the character die. I wrote different versions of it, one where the character dies, and the other where the character lives. I get more story when the character dies, so I'm doing it. I hope it surprises you, it surprised my brother.

The last death is really creepy. It happens towards the end of the season, and it will push forward into season 3, where someone may end up going to jail for it. I can't say too much because it will wreak the story, but when the times comes, you'll all understand.

Another thing new to the series (other then the site), is the fact that there will be 20 episodes in season 2, and not 10 like in the opening season.

So incase you've forgotten, take some time to go back and catch up on whats been going on, and then read the newest episode.

See you next episode,

Pat Walsh

In this episode:

The season 2 premiere!

The aftermath from the car accident, and Victoria revealing the truth!


-Take an indepth look at what's in store for season 2.

Other News:

-All brand new NEWS added!

-Character bios up-dated! New pictures, and new characters added!


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