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Almazonia is a nation that roots its sovereignty in the will of its citizens to live in the same community. Its fundamental political and philosophical principles are :  meritocracy, protection of nature and spirituality.

Unlike in democracy,  in a meritocracy decisions are not taken by the majority of voters (principle of the so-called “will” of the greatest number) but  according to the competence of the leaders. Competence is acknowledge through public examinations based on strict standards. Therefore, official positions or private jobs are given to citizens who deserve them. This system tends to eradicate corruption and nepotism.

The protection of nature is for Almazonians the real challenge of the new millennium since man has become a real threat to the delicate balance of resources and animal species on earth.

Almazonians put materialism at the service of spirituality, and therefore economy at the service of politics. They just don't want to be unhappy in a globalized world based almost solely on material values.

In order to develop our action, we wish to establish diplomatic relations with other States. We do not claim any territory but we hope that an established nation, sensible to our motivations, will give us a small one.

We invented a fictitious history, population data and a fantasy geography just for the sake of entertaining the flame of your imagination and the will to make them real. Dreams that do not come true are flowers which never blossom.

It is though important to stress that in real life, our organization uses the provincial division of Almazonia as well as its administrative structure on a non-territorial basis while waiting for our real territory.

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