Born and raised in New York, this native residing in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, Alltyme has been blessing the mic with his sharp lyrics, punch lines, smooth deliveries, and on point flow for more than a decade. With still so much more room for growth, Alltyme already has the sound and seasoned look as a well polished hip hop artist.

From early, Alltyme mastered the art of creative writings and experiences that express real genuine love, joy, and happiness. From songs such as "I Need You" and "Try My Best" to songs that touch emotions, deep feelings, and today’s urban issues, such as "Bittersweet" and "Make a Way" this clever versatile MC truly takes listeners on an "experience" of a lifetime.

Born Adrian O. Springer of West Indian descent, his parents are from the island of Barbados. The oldest of two brothers Alltyme credits a big part of his musical influences to his very own cousin Incksalonious. Watching her write and flow inspired a young Alltyme fresh in high school to do the same. Alltyme began to strengthen his writing and production with childhood friends Mari "MistaMelody" Roberts, and Extraordinaire. It was this creative structure, that a new home and group Alltyme found himself being a part of. Forming a new rap group "Poetically Exquisite” was assembled. This became a two man rap duo consisting of Alltyme and Extraordinaire. This is where Alltyme started to get his feet wet so to speak.

With Mix tapes circulating in high school and exposure to local talent Shows and open mics, it wasn't long before these two ordinary young students, became hip hop icons as early as in High School. Just as things started to look promising a sudden shift took place in the young hot group when certain circumstances caused Extraordinaire to leave the group and rap game all together.

After this set back, Alltyme knew he would have to set up to come back harder and stronger. Alltyme came back on the scene absolutely stronger and focused than ever! With a new passion and love for the game, the writing, production, energy, and focus level has been higher and stronger than ever seen. Alltyme has been able to single handedly write, produce his own tracks, and executive produce his fully mastered 18 track LP "The ALLTYME Experience" This album brings listeners through vast moods and moments that captures us, and makes up our own experiences, shared through his eyes. This album is truly an LP that will touch the masses from various backgrounds and walks of life, and should not be taken lightly. So let's join in welcoming Alltyme to the game. Welcome yourself to....The ALLTYME Experience.

-Earl Famous



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