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10:30 a.m. - Mass and Healing Service

All Saints Anglican Catholic Church
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What We Do in Church and Why!
For what ever reasons, there is a great deal of misconception and misinformation about what
a Catholic in general, and Anglican Catholics in particular, do in Church. Making the sign of the Cross,
genuflecting and bowing, lighting candles, asking for the prayers of the Saints; it's all rather confusing
and even frightening to people from non-catholic backgrounds.

The following is a series of six tracts which we hope will dispel concerns that people may have
and even help them to see how beautiful and how positive the Catholic Christian faith can be.
The titles of these tracts are:
1. Making the sign of the Cross.
2. Genuflecting and bowing.
3. Lighting a candle.
4. Burning Incense.
5. Anointing with oil.
6. Asking the prayers of the Saints.

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