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Some small things that are worth looking at

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www.alienbadboy.co.uk - The best thing online scince Saturday 12th January 2002

News - 09/06/2003

Okay, this site hasn't been updated as much as I'd like to. And, will not be updated reguarly in the near future. The site will be updated once a week and, after this years MOTY 2003, the site will have a new layout and will be a members only site. Details on this at the moment are very brief though and, may not take place until the year after. Also the newsletter hasn't been out recently but will return come 1st July.

Football News - 26/05/2003

Okay, you may have recently noticed, if you pay attention in the slightest to the sporting world that Wolverhampton Wanderers are the third and final team to be promoted to the Premiership next season. They beat Sheffield United 3-0 in the play-off final. Portsmouth, Leicester and Wolves are the teams that have gone up while West Brom, Sunderland and West Ham are the teams that have been relegated.

New Games - 20/05/2003

Okay. Some new games will be added soon. Hopefully 1 will be from the gamecube game super monkey ball. No promises just yet though.

Site Updates - 15/05/2003

I know these have been few and far between the last couple of weeks but, there will be some bigger updates coming next week.

Flashy! - 04/05/2003

Throughout the next couple of months, Aliens Exist will be adding more flash animations to the site. A lot of these however will only appear in the members area.

New Question Of The Month - 29/04/2003

As it was last time its on of those guessing questions. Same points scheme as before but this time if you get the exact answer you get 2500pts. Check members area for details.

Last Update - 13/04/2003

This will be the last update on my site before I go to Italy on my holiday. Therefore, the next 10days will be borrring. As for the extra special question of the month villa was the winner. Click here to find out how close you were.

Members Area - 06/04/2003

The New Question of the Month has put up and as usual its worth 200 points. A must if you wanna be in competition for member of the year. The top 3 are light years ahead of 4th and the trailing pack. As for other news the newsletter went out to its subscribing and once again (if you're a member) subscription is worth 100 points.

3000 - 04/04/2003

The only reason I gave 1000 points to trist is that he was honestly the 3000th visitor. I saw him myself and if you wanna fight over it LETS TAKE IT OUTSIDE!

New Ways To Earn Loyalty Points - 25/03/2003

As the poll's latest figures show, more members want more ways to earn loyalty points. This is fine by me and 1 way that I've thought of is chatting to me on MSN. I will give 50points to a member that meets me on MSN providing, they have their username and password with them. You can collect these points once a day so, If you are on MSN every day (and I am - of course) you can get 300points a week. See the contact page for my MSN address. The only day this will not work is on Monday where if you meet me in the members chat room at 7:30pm GMT you'll get 200pts providing you stay for 10minutes. Once again, I'll need evidence of your membership or you will be kicked out of the members chat straight away. I am currently adding more links to links pages and a couple of reviews that myself and matt have done.

Aliens Exist Soundtrack - 20/03/2003

I've been looking for this along, long time. I love the effects. I'm not gonna tell you what its called, but its "Babalonion"! Check the Music... As for recent news the McDonalds race have started attacking Iraq. About 80 people ran away from my school (South Brom) at 11am and 200people apperantly ran away from North Bromsgrove. I never knew war had this effect. But Wait! Oh! It Doesn't?! The games are also running. Whack Britney (other), Crash (puzzle), Warp Osama Bin Laden (other), and the Kill Osama Game (highly bloody shoot-em-up).

Members Chat - 17/03/2003

We haven't had one of these in a while... Its about time. Next Monday its is. You'll get 200points for coming along. As for the games, the whack britney Spears game will be up tomorrow.

Members Area - 15/03/2003

All working now, remember finding a broken link gets you 50pts. Im angry about the Villa losing to Man U. 1-0 today. We were by far (Yeah) the better team. And I'm even angrier that Rovers couldn't score against Evesham. We missed 2! open nets!!!! How can that be possible. In the end we lost 1-0. Over the next week there will be at least 4 games added to the site. 2 of which are The Kill Osama Bin Laden Game and "Whack Britney".
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