+++ ______ intimate emotion _____ +++ a poetry anthology for mr. mullally

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Must Have List
Note: Mr. Mullally, you must have all of these in order to achieve the full effect of this project.

This is my poetry project for Mr. Mullally. Instead of presenting on paper, I chose to present on the web. This method saves the trouble of flipping pages, paper cuts, and other atrocities that have occurred because of paper. 
This website is purely of my design, so don't steal my graphics and try to take credit for them. Also, do not steal any of the analysis I have written for any poems. These observations and criticisms are from MY brain and are not to be distributed on (evil) paper with somebody else's name on it. Plagiarism is not tolerated - I WILL find your IP addresses if you dare to steal my work!







a poetry anthology for Mr. Mullally's class
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