Marcus Gordon Cupps
Ok.  This page no longer reflects my family. The Vermont Department of Children and Families, convinced Judge Manahan to issue and abduction order for Hadassah, Mikle, Mikayla, and our then newborn Crysania. The three girls are with a woman who is incapable of having children, and that wanted a girl. They took mine by order of Judge Vanbenthysen. In November, Judge Vanbenthysen order the sale of my children. Our newborn Leonard was abducted by Karen Mckewing (DCF operative) straight from the hospital room. This same female also convinced my wife RuthAnne that I am an abuser, and that I needed to be disposed of. As much as this sounds like a hurt and wronged man (and beleive me, that's about half of it), I also know wrong when I see it, and when it happens to me.
Daily, the above named operative and her office, along with the complaicency of the Franklin county Family court, abduct and sell children from parents that are good parents, while allowing drug addicts and abusers to keep thier children. One of their own people, one Janet Floyed was charged with child abuse. This is the woman that they would send to abduct these children. Don't beleive me, come to Fanklin county with your children. Ask for help, and see how long you keep your children. My wife was just awarded food stamps. I left at her requst December 12. In December of 2007, we were denied food stamps, despite the fact that we were homeless. You decide. Is something wrong happening in the Franklin county DCF / CPS? Find someone from Franklin county Vermont, and ask them.
1920's Pic Christmas 2004
1920ish Picture of the Family Taken Christmas of 2004.
Marcus Cupps 2003 RuthAnne Cupps
My wife RuthAnne.
Hadassah Opal
Mikle Ayrik
My eldest daughter Hadassah Opal.
My son Mikle Ayrik.
Mikayla Louise
Mother of Good Council fresco
My yougest daughter Mikayla Louise.
May the Mother of Good Council guide us always.
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