HP 41C emulator


I wrote this HP 41 emulator for DOS eight years ago.
The HP41 emulator was written in Clipper. I developed, using Microsoft Macro Assembler, my own library for mouse management under Clipper version 5.2 and included it in the Project. Also, I used Clipper Tools library for calculate some mathematicals functions.

The HP41C is a programmable calculator in a low level language with some similarity with Assembler.
These calculators were sold by Hewlett Packard between 1979 to 1984.
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Alvaro Gerardo Suárez

Download a Free Copy of SIM41 - (202.835 bytes) Version 3.8 build 2 updated 2000/11/10 

Implementation details

Keyboard map and allowed commands - (2332 bytes .zip file) updated 1998/02/10

Commands that can be executed with XEQ

Commands accepted in programming

Some basic programs -(2899 bytes .zip file) updated 1997/12/02

Algebraic behavior in SIM41

Test your ear

The eight queens problem

Moon landing simulator tested OK in SIM41

The game of NIM adapted from original code for the HP25 calculator.

Printing all alocated memory registers using the PRX command.

External file edition using xBase Languages

Batch procedures for save and recall memory, flags, stack and assigned keys in SIM41

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My personal interests

Spanish page

Currently I am writing SIM41 for Windows using Visual Foxpro:

SIM41W version 0.01 running in Windows 2000 Server. (800 by 600 pixels) View a Screenshot

SIM41W version 0.06, skin 3, running in a Laptop with a Wide Screen (1280 by 800 pixels) and XP Home View a Screenshot

SIM41W for Windows Version Alpha 0.12

SIM67 for Windows HP 67 Emulator Version 0.40b Updated (2013/07/04)

SIM65 HP 65 Emulator for Windows, version 0.14 updated (2010/08/09)

SIM25 HP 25 Emulator for Windows, version 0.14 (2010/08/16)

SIM59 TI 59 Emulator for Windows, version 0.13b (2013/07/08)

 HP 25, HP 41, HP 65 and HP67 Emulators at my Desktop, view a screenshot

Easy41 HP 41 Compiler, version 1.0 Alpha (2005/06/07)

FOCALFREE utility for HP41 free grammar translation. Version 1.2

Translating programs to FOCALfrom your favorite language

Free FOCAL to V41 translation

Turing machine simulator version 0.3 alpha

Sphinx Big Calculator version 0.15 alpha (2006/09/17)